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  1. Bree Sison is joining WBRC FOX 6 in Birmingham as an evening anchor: http://www.newenglandone.com/news/national/across-america/bree-sison-joining-wbrc-fox-6-birmingham-as-anchor.html
  2. Frank Holland is leaving WCVB to join NBC Boston: http://www.newenglandone.com/news/local/boston/frank-holland-joining-necn-nbc-boston-as-anchor-reporter.html Susan Tran is joining NBC Boston (after leaving us a nasty voicemail denying it - listen in the link): http://www.newenglandone.com/news/local/boston/susan-tran-joining-necn-nbc-boston-as-reporter.html
  3. Former WVIT reporter Audrey Washington is joining WSB in Atlanta. http://ne1.be/1x0UgV9
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