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  1. David Crabtree is leaving WRAL to be interim CEO at PBS NC. https://www.wral.com/david-crabtree-moves-from-wral-anchor-desk-to-role-with-pbsnc/20199717/
  2. Monica Lalibertie is leaving WRAL to take a job within Capitol Broadcasting corporate: https://www.wral.com/wral-news-announces-changes-for-award-winning-5-on-your-side-team/20085991/
  3. You can't see it on the video, but WBTV is right across the street, too.
  4. WJZY is finally teasing their new brand, “Queen City News” coming in January. They still referenced Fox Charlotte, which I’ve seen on air and on billboards around town since September, so I guess that will be the brand for the station outside of news.
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