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  1. I think GMA3 needs at least one team to remain in place temporarily before ABC decides to permanently name a new regular team. I would prefer that over a revolving door of fill-ins.
  2. Licht did work at CBS' Late Show before moving to CNN. He is no stranger to comedy, but the Maher move is a bad one. He is very polarizing to where he doesn't care if he offends people. I don't know how long he will last on CNN.
  3. Another question is who will be the next TV therapist after Dr. Phil stops taping new episodes. There was Dr. Keith, but he fizzled out. Did Dr. Drew have a talk show (in syndication)?
  4. I lost interest in Dr. Phil after he started "The Dr. Phil Family" in the second season. Then of course came the Cash Me Outside girl.
  5. I saw rumors that Joy Behar wants to join GMA3. I'm not holding my breath on that one.
  6. I would actually like to see some new graphics for WOIO. I think they are starting to get a bit stale. Plus, too much red.
  7. Josh Elliott had a great thing going with GMA before he went to NBC, then CBS, then...what is he even doing now?
  8. Scripps is once again growing in cable. Makes me wish they didn't sell DIY, HGTV and Food Network in the first place.
  9. Who do you think will take over GMA3?
  10. That's not happening. I wouldn't also be surprised if viewers would ask ABC to bring back All My Children or One Life to Live (even that won't happen).
  11. Could ABC consider bringing back Michael Strahan and Sara Haines to GMA3? I liked them and Keke Palmer together.
  12. Amy and TJ are officially out at ABC: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/tj-holmes-amy-robach-exit-abc-news-decision-1235303357/
  13. WSYX is #1 in the morning in Columbus. WCMH is #2 and WBNS is #3. First and third place used to be in reverse years ago. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid032nHvAtQgbuLWwhZCMkHJ8wmcj6h2WNoRaPN5L1GVGpkcLoDUZgKbbHQ8zhU4LyD6l&id=100051645912630&mibextid=Nif5oz
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