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  1. 10 hours ago, tyrannical bastard said:

    Despite the troubles that WNCN has had over the years competing against WRAL and WTVD, they pale in comparison to the disaster that WRDU/WPTF/WRDC was as the market's NBC affiliate.  And these all predate their takeover by Sinclair.

    Brisette Shut there news department down, but Sinclair was horrible to WRDC sister WLFL. 

    10 hours ago, TVIntheDesert said:


    Their schedule looks better today than they did under their later Media General days, when they were showing third-rate syndicated programming during network off-hours.

    Yep they only had a 4:30-7am, 6, 7, 11pm newscasts. There was in 2008 weekend newscasts from the NBC O&O days but was later cancelled. The full-hour 7pm newscasts was in there favor it made them unique till they cut it to a half-hour. And weekends was 6,7, and 11 and Sunday 6pm, and 11pm. They were incomplete because media general destroyed there news department from the inside out instead of strengthening it.

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  2. On 3/24/2021 at 8:47 PM, newsman123 said:

    WNCN is a dump of a station. Nobody stays very long save a few longtime settled folks.

    No not really they have done really well in this market, since I live there they just need to do better with contracts, like the other 2 dominate stations. They could also use a chopper.

  3. 1 minute ago, jero23 said:


    Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Planning Department (aka Charlotte Planning & Design Department), Mecklenburg County Development Services, and the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance are all my sources.

    All I know is Carolina Demographics Raleigh is second fastest growing metro area next to Austin, TX (Where FOX ironically owns a station at).

    5 minutes ago, jero23 said:


    Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Planning Department (aka Charlotte Planning & Design Department), Mecklenburg County Development Services, and the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance are all my sources.

    All I know is Carolina Demographics, along with several sources say Raleigh-Cary Metro is the 2nd fastest growing in the nation, next to Austin, TX (Which FOX ironically owns a station in). And with Durham-Chapel Hill MSA most likely to get recombined with the Raleigh-Cary MSA in 2023 could mean some serious growth gains for the Raleigh metro area.

  4. Just now, jero23 said:


    The Charlotte MSA is gaining approx. 200 persons/day as of 2020 (Charlotte proper is approx. 160 persons/day during the same period).  The overall rate of growth I was referring to above post is the Charlotte DMA . 

    I don't have have Raleigh numbers, where's you source?

  5. Just now, jero23 said:

    Actually,  it's not, but you'll see soon enough when ghe Census numbers are released 

    Well have too see Raleigh-Cary MSA probably will get recombined with the Durham-Chapel Hill MSA. Raleigh adds at least 100 residents a day. I don't know the metro numbers.

  6. 2 minutes ago, 24994J said:

    Speaking as a moderator...


    The most recent racially inflammatory stations have been hidden, and will not be tolerated. It is no secret that diversity and representation has been a delicate subject in news broadcasting for decades, but it's entirely out of line to diminish someone's ethnic background because they don't look [blank] enough. Throwing out accusations of racism based mostly on speculation is also highly inappropriate for this forum.


    End of discussion, and consider this a public warning.

    It not accusations it observations, but you totally missed the point. But end of discussion.

  7. On 3/3/2021 at 12:05 PM, jero23 said:


    Sooner than you think. Metro Charlotte is gaining like 200 new residents per day now as verified by the consolidated development & building services department of the City & Mecklenburg County in last count of permits in 2020. Charlotte is in the top 5 fastest growing large metro regions in the US.  It's bound to leap past most of the current places ranked #15-20 in the Neilsen DMA rankings in the next few years.


    It's also the hub for NASCAR and becoming the ACC football tournament champion host along with being a NFC & MLS franchise market. 


    Fox does stuff that looks stupid on the surface at the time but benefits themselves in the end.

    Raleigh growing faster bud, but it get it.

  8. 16 hours ago, 24994J said:


    Nobody's complaining about the formatting.

    Well I don't see anything wrong, first comment to highlighted is a quote from a sentence. So if your trying to make my grammar look bad nice try, two I have an opinion nothing seems wrong here.

  9. 3 minutes ago, Liugrad2020 said:

    That would have made sense. I don’t see George leaving ABC for Cable and I don’t see NBC offering him a main slot on Today or Nightly News. MAYBE Meet the Press although I think it’s more likely he was offered the CBSEN. It would be tempting to go as he wanted to take over for Diane on WNT in 2014 and have a chance to anchor an evening newscast something he’s wanted to do at least since 2009 when Charles Gibson stepped down from anchoring WNT. Apparently he also wanted George to take over for him over Diane. I’ll have to find the source for that when I get a chance. As for Tom my guess is that he’s heading to NBC although it would be interesting if he shocked all

    of us and went to CBS instead.

    No he locked-in too well with NBCU News Group president Cesar Conde!!! You know that "hermano" connection.

  10. 3 hours ago, TVNewsLover said:


    There were rumors CBS was courting George when the last shakeup happened there.

    I had a feeling if George were to have left the network over this dispute, which would be a big loss for ABC, I said he go to CBS be the now that I think of it anchor of politics. If Nora has that role intact, he have a critical role in politics. Though he could co-anchor Face The Nation. But the CBS Zirinsky is a feminist so maybe not, 60 minutes would be like a demotion.

    3 hours ago, iron_lion said:

    Speaking of Elizabeth Vargas, I always thought she had a good personality for mornings. I saw her co-anchor on a 90s Thanksgiving Edition of "Today' and she was pretty solid. 

    Yeah but she ascended to the World News Tonight chair too fast.

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  11. On 2/22/2021 at 12:32 PM, Roadgeek Adam said:

    Shirleen is pregnant with her and her husband Jesse's 3rd child. 



    She also announced it nationally on Tuesday on World News Now. I could see her going national at some point she definitely has the credentials of doing it.

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  12. On 11/20/2020 at 7:15 AM, wabceyewitness said:

    I know she has joined them before in studio for the weekend weather, and they have also had other O&O meteorologists come to New York to fill in. This is the first time I’ve noticed that they had weather done out of state, from another station, with Brittany broadcasting from WTVD in Raleigh, NC. 

    Thry also used WTVDs Steve Stewart one weekend for weekend evening show. He isn't ready for New York I know his children personally I went to school with them here in Raleigh!!! They flew him up there to New York I was visiting family it was a surprised since id seen him 24 before in Raleigh!!!

  13. 1 minute ago, Nelson R. said:

    If they hadn’t got the new Fox O&O graphics last January right before the sale went through, they likely would’ve got the Nexstar graphics about the time they got the website.

     Just updated the post to Norwood, all her accounts on Instagram are gone Instagram is private, along with her Twitter page Facebook her page is removed. Her LinkedIn is still there.

    20 minutes ago, Nelson R. said:

    Yeah Morgan’s F bomb was brought up in the Nexstar thread. I posted about the potential new set in the graphics section of the Discord server. And I suspect that the Nexstar Fox graphics package might be coming with that new set.


    I think Page likes being able to spend more time with her family. Now she can take her kids to school. She now has a schedule better suited for a married woman with children. But you’re right. Ann will do a good job though.


    But why do they need TWO meteorologists at noon and 4? That’s the head scratcher to me.

    They do it in a lot of markets, here in Raleigh too. For the early evening news like 4 P.M. and Noon

  14. 8 minutes ago, Nelson R. said:

    Yeah Morgan’s F bomb was brought up in the Nexstar thread. I posted about the potential new set in the graphics section of the Discord server. And I suspect that the Nexstar Fox graphics package might be coming with that new set.

    I thought they syndicated the graphics package it to other Nexstar Fox Stations, it would've gave Nexstar FOX stations big and small a good look make feel them feel in the big leagues. I thought KTVI the first non-FOX O&O station owned by Nexstar as one of Nexstars FOX O&O would get it then Indianapolis but they all ended up adopting the Nexstar FOX graphics package. I did in-vision them getting the Nexstar FOX Graphics Package, after getting purchased didn't think it take this long. They need a new set badly I thing they only built it for good day and other newscasts couldn't suit the set weird positions for evening newscasts. Then the refresh wasn't great either it just got up for the evening newscasts. And of course the dancing area for Nick Kosir, who should go to LA like Bill Melugin is now.  They need a newscast serious set that fit all newscasts. And for Morgan she having that AJ Clemente moment in North Dakota he was out of the news business for three years working as a waiter before headed back to TV news for NBC Delmarva, Delaware (I don't think he still there). But she might have to do that go back into journalism climb up smaller market before headed back to Raleigh

  15. On 1/16/2021 at 10:37 AM, Daybreak said:

    I hate the new desk that debut this morning. 



     I hate it, who's in charge of set modifications on the show. I hope it's not George Or Robin. Like how David had control over the graphics and look of his show. I hope Robin or George aren't in charge of the Good Morning America look cause this desk sucks it looks awful and lights everywhere and it's all over the place!!!

  16. 4 hours ago, sg9018 said:

    WNBC reporter Kathrine Creag dead at the age of 47.


    She will be missed.

    Her death was so unexpected and sad, I loved seeing her on TV, always serious never got to see her serious side all the time. However she was great you could see in WNBC-TV anchors them trying to hold back tears while going on with the news they wish they've could devote the whole day on it you could just tell. but of course and the other news stores gong on you could wish the world would pause but that's the way it is. Rest In Peace Kat...

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  17. 1 hour ago, J1975am said:

    One wonders if Tom Llamas will take a brief 30 seconds out of the broadcast today to say goodbye and thank viewers (but obviously not say where he's headed). I'd be surprised if he didn't do that.....

    He just ended the broadcast with his goodbye!!!

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  18. 51 minutes ago, Liugrad2020 said:

    Do you think GMA would be ok with George if he left or retired?

    It’s one thing to have George anchor election coverage. It’s a whole other thing to have him come in to anchor a special report at 730 in the evening.



    Yes I agree, would be a waste of time it made since after the Capitol riots cause he was there since 1pm and so it made sense to do the prime time coverage from 8pm-11pm after showing Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune to it ABC Owned Station like my ABC Owned Station in Raleigh. And during the moment in prime time Trump was impeached the first time. But doing the Parkland Coverage, and the New York Truck Attack that could have been done by David. Cause he's nightside dude.

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