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  1. So this might explain that EGAD did graphics for WCAU Philadelphia (the 1997 open) as well as other NBC stations like WSTM Syracuse. Not sure if they did WWBT Richmond's news graphics as well?
  2. So Electronic Graphics and Design (EGAD) did work for a number of stations, judging by their client list here.
  3. But Linda Church returned to WPIX as the weather anchor for "The WB11 Morning News" in 2000, after a 4-year stint at rival WCBS-TV.
  4. The graphics remained the same alright except that Joe Cioffi's clip had to be changed when the late Sean Kimerling replaced Don Gould as WPIX WB11's weekend sports anchor in December 1997. https://theresabernstein.newmedialab.cuny.edu/?page_id=4318
  5. WTEN's 2000 graphics were a direct ripoff of WJBK FOX2's look at the time (Given the fact that it was done by the graphics company, VDO):
  6. How not surprised am I about that? They also did work for ESPN, HBO, Showtime, Speed Channel etc... It was owned by Patrick Egan who passed away last year.
  7. VDO did the 1998 WJBK FOX2 graphics, which were copied by WTEN in Albany, New York at the turn of the Millennium (Y2K).
  8. Welcome to the Bright New World of ABC (ABC 1975) Welcome, Welcome, Welcome Welcome to the Bright New of ABC! Ernie Anderson: "It's A Bright New Prime-Time Season on ABC" You'll see great changes made this fall on ABC, you should be watching with your family We've got lots a specials, the very kind, the list of stars is gonna blow your mind! All your favorite shows are back in this year and some brand new series that'll put you in gear There's not a better place to watch TV! You'll see great changes made this fall, right here on ABC Welcome, Welcome, Welcome Welcome to the Bright New World of ABC! Olympic teams will be there in '76, Republicans and Democrats will make their pick Oscars, Tonys, Emmys will given away, America's birthday will be on display! So whatever you came to, this special year. It's all new, all for you, it's all right here! There's not a better place to watch TV! You'll see great changes made you'll see. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome Welcome to the Bright New World of A-B-C!
  9. But what about WCBS-TV New York?, Bill Carey was the news director at the time.
  10. I believe KGET and KGPE used the same client (Novocom), but they had different graphics in the late 1990s.
  11. Based on Weeter's suggestion that "It was still entirely possible for a station's in-house graphics department to create an entire news graphics package on their own.", I wonder who did the WNBC 1995 NewsChannel 4 graphics?
  12. Well this gives me a sense, I wonder if Tribune Broadcasting had a thing for using TVbD as its client? Though KTLA 5 used LoConte Goldman Design and Linda Kane for its news opens & graphics.
  13. Also prior to that, Steve Ramsey was news director at KFMB-TV San Diego before coming to WGN-TV in Chicago (which was also a national superstation back then). You meant a client with TVbD (Television by Design).
  14. Well KCAL-TV in Los Angeles had a similar talent bump to that of WGN's, but with a different graphics output.
  15. Tough one?, eh. Now do you know which motion graphics design agency did the 1997 WGN News graphics?, the late Steve Ramsey who was WGN-TV's news director at the time had passed away 17 years ago. These graphics were inspired by those used at WGN Sports and were likely done by the same company.
  16. Well Adobe no longer supports Flash Player on any of their sites (effective at the end of 2020).
  17. Yep, ASCAP lists it as a Chris Crane theme. KTNV in Las Vegas also used the theme with added guitar riffs.
  18. I wonder which motion graphics agency did the 1995 WPIX 11 News at Ten graphics? (First with the updated "11" logo)
  19. WHOI in Peoria also used a version of TVbD's famous "Balls and Walls" package as well (prior to late 1998).
  20. Do you know which graphics agency did the 1997 KCAL 9 News/Prime 9 News graphics? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGRxfMoIRbo
  21. Any idea as to who did the 1998 KING-TV "K5 News" graphics?, I assume those graphics debuted in May that year when KING 5 had its logo italicized in preparation for their 50th anniversary.
  22. Well WESH was Pulitzer-owned back then (Hearst-Argyle brought all the Pulitzer-owned stations and properties by 1998 with the deal being finalized later that year), and according to a description in another YouTube video "Pulitzer had a thing for John Christopher Burns as its graphics client" so its presumably a jcbD package.
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