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  1. Since this is the "news music and voiceovers" thread, on last night's newscast NewsOne was dropped and they ran an eight minute story on a road widening project. Also, they went back to the old habits of just running a random story from Access Hollywood on Travis Kelce dubbed by Geovonna. Why does Chocola even bother?
  2. Early KMSG was a one man band with a pastiche of stories taken with marginal attribution from big city news stations, police blotter propaganda, and random long form interviews. If you look at December 2023 and January 2024 it looked like a reasonable newscast, although the reporters and talent needed to project more confidence in their delivery (the only exception was Emma Ott, who as a literal VSCO girl could pull that off more professionally). Now I think it has fallen well below the Alpenas and Zanesvilles of the world.
  3. Well it seems like someone has been reading this forum (or sick of the copyright strikes on YouTube) as they've replaced the bumper music for the weather with long cuts of NewsOne. Just doing a quick check-in of MyTV53 News post Austin Reed, he is still apparently occasionally contributing an evergreen segment, or it is a repeat from the archives. In addition to Emma Ott leaving, all the other reporters, Sheila Gaytan, Valentina Saldana, and Eric Walker, have left and so it is a two person group, and Geovonna looks like she is phoning it in with "tonight's big story" as a tease (literally) and lots of Democracy Now and government propaganda content (Voice of America and PR videos from school district and local government YouTubes). I'm honestly not sure why they even bother, Austin really was industrious at getting stories and reworking press releases from police departments and small businesses into content somewhat worthy of a newscast. Neither of the two remaining staff seem to want to exert the same level of effort. We know that Chocola is cheap but at some point, you have to wonder whether the fuzzy feelings of running a local newscast is worth putting out a product that makes high school newscasts look good.
  4. So it looks like he did "transition to a behind the scenes role" on January 12, although it seemed like when he left, he not only took himself, but also the graphics package and Emma Ott, the only other reporter which didn't seem like they belonged in market 150 or below. Odds are will 50/50 this make its two year anniversary and close to zero it runs to the end of the year.
  5. Last week, the newscast wasn't on YouTube, and this week, the reporters have been running the show, and their inexperience at anchoring clearly shows. They had a local actress, Geovonna Casanova, anchor a couple of days, and she was not much better. I'm not sure if Austin Reed is taking some vacation, out for other reasons, or gone completely, and appreciate people exerting an effort, but it is not good.
  6. KCAL could run the CBS Evening News live. KCAL no longer has any sports obligations (other than maybe some preseason NFL football) so making them the news brand makes sense.
  7. Joe Donlon is joining Albert Ramon and his old boss Jennifer Lyons at WBBM. Looks like that may be the next stop for NewsNation alumni who want to flee this sinking ship.
  8. So who was hosting Prime tonight? I don’t recognize this host.
  9. Today on Dan Abrams one of his guests pined for Live PD to come back and Abrams said he was working on it every day. Quite frankly, they should run Live PD after Prime on Saturday, and Sunday nights for two or three hours, and rename Abrams' show to something more generic with someone else hosting earlier in the week. The general perception is that NewsNation leans right anyway.
  10. Nobody wants to run KTVA though. There is only one TV news operation in Alaska because ABC/Fox is a joke, but who will subsidize it?
  11. Those were "very special episodes" of Banfield which were pre-taped. Adrienne Bankert hosted the last couple of nights. As far as Leland Vittert I know he is trying to be edgy but we really don't need his opinions on Rush Hour. And it is interesting that NN is going back to putting full shows on their Youtube, maybe for those who have actual cable subscriptions but can't access NN because of Nexstar not granting access (hello Spectrum).
  12. Who’s the new house voiceover guy on NewsNation? Sounds familiar.
  13. I can't imagine it's much of a "bureau". It could just be a videographer storing equipment at their house. Tom Negovan and Brian Entin can work from their homes.
  14. More people probably read this message board than watch either KYUR or KTBY. It is essentially irrelevant in Alaska.
  15. Chuck Weber at WPEC retires. https://cbs12.com/news/local/saying-good-bye-to-chuck-weber There's an interesting video using old clips with some guy in a bad mustache
  16. Looks like KTTV is hiring for a chief meteorologist regardless, I guess Rick may not be too keen on being confined to the weather desk. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/9/28/guess-its-official
  17. Related, Coastal is hiring in Alaska for a photojournalist, paying the grand sum of $14.50 an hour. Maybe they need B-roll for the 120 seconds of local news they do before they run News Net. http://www.youralaskalink.com/site/employment.html
  18. Here's the last morning signoff on KTVA, posted on anchor Liz Raines's YouTube: Anchor Liz Raines just married champion dog musher Matthew Failor, so I think she's being honest when she's not going anywhere, but the on-air opportunities in Alaska are going to be extremely slim. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/28/fashion/weddings/Musher-Matthew-Failor-marries-Liz-Raines-Alaska.html
  19. Pablo Pereira seems to have been deleted by the station and from social media since the end of July. Rick Dickert was basically moved over from mornings to accommodate Stu Mundel, and to better use his talents, but still Pablo was around for a while, but is older so may not fit the Fox demographic. Zero coverage on any site though.
  20. Laura Monteverdi, who was recently let go from KTHV, is moving to Nexstar Nation to replace Ashley Ketz, now in Chicago reporting for NewsNation. She'll join longtime anchor Bob Clausen at 5, 6, and 10. https://www.kark.com/news/local-news/laura-monteverdi-joins-kark-4-news-as-evening-anchor/
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