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  1. They should convert it into a Studio B I know it would probably cost over $100,000 for a second studio but letting it sit dormant is not productive.
  2. Yes they might as well put another side studio in the old street front like WFLD has done. It’s been on the market over a year and now because of the coronavirus the economic crisis is worse and now it is really not going to sell
  3. WBBM got new curtains in the newsroom I believe it’s because they hosted the CBS Weekend News this weekend
  4. They probably won’t even fill the position while not as desperate as WBBM , I’m sure they will try and make cuts when and where they can.
  5. It’s fast paced I don’t have a problem with their 10pm newscast . I actually appreciate how they just read the news and don’t give opinion. Lori is a little too opinionated for my taste. Dari can be a little cold sometimes but I like Steve just fine. I do however think they should hire a actual sports anchor. Instead of having Steve and Dari read sports headlines
  6. My thing it’s a morning news program on a local station if I wanted to be bored I would go watch CBS This Morning . She’s cold as a fish let loose a little bit. The only time she gets outside her comfort zone is when a guest she does not like comes on the program . I guess what I’m saying is she does not know how to have fun.
  7. I prefer Greg Kelly she’s ok
  8. That is true but that’s before we saw that WFLD had a reporter on scene. Even if they have an agreement why would you go to an outside source from your own source. I think WBBM was probably the first on scene and FNC just used them. And while it’s not cut throat there is a rivalry spirit. WLS budget is huge they don’t need anyone. However WGN is not to fond of WBBM or WLS and I’m sure that trend continues at other stations as well
  9. And then they asked their top competitor for feed why didn’t they ask WLS
  10. Oh no it was very cold and Brad seems like a very genuine guy. I don’t find Ikria 3rd market anchor material either . They need to ship her back to Miami and give Suzanne the main anchor chair or if they are going to be cheap have Brad solo ... idiots
  11. I have no clue why Tammie would leave WFLD she had a half way decent audience here in Chicago and it’s not like she was going to a higher market (although markets 1 thru 5 are basically the same) she packed up and left to a city where the people didn’t know her and it back fired. If Tammie would have stayed . They probably would have never hired Kaitlyn and while she seems nice she doesn’t seem like a big market meteorologist. If she would have stayed, WFLD would arguably be the second best weather operation in Chicago. Bill and Mike are solid chief meteorologist material. I didn’t really like Mark Strehl back in the day but he’s been there 15 years now and has grown on me . And Tammie is a good fit. Now if she goes to WBBM they are gonna throw her and toss her wherever they need a fill in . WFLD management is shaking their head
  12. Well FOX 32 is reading this thread Family Feud at 3 FOX 32 at 4 starting August 3rd
  13. I believe they get good ratings on Sunday that’s why they have their A team on and I’m sure they will probably ditch the 4pm newscast after the election gotta get that ad election revenue. And I wonder if WFLD is beating WBBM at 5 I know they are probably beating them 25-54 but I wonder in total viewers I don’t really care for Brad or Ikria I spelled that wrong I know . On another note I think they should give the 10pm news another shot especially the fact that WBBM is weaker than ever right now if they really put their best foot forward they can beat them in the demo because they are only at like a 0.7 even with CBS’s strong prime time lineup
  14. Dave Savini anchoring tonight
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