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  1. 7 Sydney has a new news set, first from the new studios at Eveleigh - south of the downtown area of Sydney.
  2. Nine News has announced they will launch a dedicated 6pm bulletin for Tasmania, to be based out of the state capital of Hobart. Nine doesn't own their Tasmanian station however, WIN is the affiliate. They're essentially outsourcing the production of local news to its network partner.
  3. How Australia and New Zealand broke into programming in the early hours of the morning. ABC Australia: Seven Network: Ten: Nine took a dirty BBC News Channel feed. TVNZ and Three New Zealand:
  4. Seven News Australia received a new look. Gone are the predominately blue graphics, in are the red, black and white. This example from BTQ7 Brisbane's 4pm bulletin.
  5. The Australian regional TV affiliation switch of 2016 is about to be reversed. The Nine Network and WIN Television have announced a minimum 7-year affiliation agreement, with WIN paying 50% of its advertising revenue to Nine as an affiliation fee. The now-former affiliate group, Southern Cross Television, will by default end up with Network Ten. The switch will occur in June. Nine changes regional TV partners and signs deal with WIN - Mediaweek
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