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  1. It could have been his choice to move to mornings, we don’t know for sure this was a management move.
  2. Am I the only one who actually likes it a lot? I think it's very clean.
  3. https://whnt.com/news/national/the-late-late-show-canceled-after-almost-30-years-on-cbs/ The show will end when James Corden leaves, there will be no replacement host. If you think CBS is going to return that time to the affiliates though, think again:
  4. I question though if the set should have used more brick, steel, concrete, and subway tile though to make it stand out and give it that New York feel. The new set is nice, but it feels too much like "LA Lite." Nexstar is generally better about making sets fit the region they are in, so I'm a tad bit disappointed there aren't more unique NY elements incorporated into the design. But maybe there's more we haven't seen yet...
  5. [Inside Edition's outdated 1991 theme song intensifies]
  6. I’m like you and I’ll take it a step further, I don’t think Jim Gardner would have cared at all. These changes would have been made above his pay grade, he would have been happy just still doing the news.
  7. No question there, I just question if they will. Also, WUPA doesn’t have the same studio infrastructure in place WWJ did. WUPA’s existing space is VERY small if I understand correctly. Sure the WWJ/WKBD facilities needed renovation before the current product was formed, but they had the space and had done newscasts before. It would require a build-out or move for WUPA to launch a full-scale news department. Sure, ratings don’t matter, and it could be done. But, it would require A LOT more money than it did to launch newscasts on WWJ. And back to what I said before, why now if they didn’t try before and are barely doing it now outsourced from KTVT? This could be Speculatron fodder, but yes WANF’s existing facility will be up for sale once they officially move to Gray’s new development eventually. I’m leaving this point there because there is no indication that CBS is in the market for a larger facility for WUPA or plans to do anymore than what they’re doing now.
  8. They canceled Morning Express with Robin Meade, arguably the best morning news program that CNN had going for it, for this. Keep that in the back of your head. EDIT: I know HLN ran Robin Meade. I don't count New Day as CNN's best morning news program. They could have easily moved Meade to CNN instead of putting this crap on the air.
  9. It's VERY subtle, but I do love that this new set utilizes subway tile. I actually wish it had more subway tile than just those two columns on either side of the weather monitor. It practically screams NEW YORK. And no worries, I'm sorry if I came across as a little harsh in my reply. Time will only tell what actually happens!
  10. Those early-mid 2000s Gil Jiminez sets never aged well. I'm glad to see KXII finally ditch it. I wonder how many Gray stations are left with a Jiminez set...
  11. The issue with this logic is that CBS could have and would have done these affiliation switches eons ago if that were the case. KSTW would still be with CBS and still have its own news department if this was the case. NBC dumped KRON for KNTV, a station that had a news department. NBC dumped WHDH for startup WBTS, but already had a news department in place thanks to New England Cable News. WWJ is an interesting situation where CBS built an entire news operation from the ground up. It can be done, but other than WWJ it hasn't, and it takes millions and millions and millions of dollars to do. The CWs are still doing outsourced newscasts. There hasn't been the same type of investment made in Atlanta, Tampa, Seattle, and others to justify switches.
  12. I mean I get people here are upset and are looking for some kind of justification to Gray ditching the CBS46 brand, even down to speculating a possible disaffiliation with CBS but we’ve known since Gray purchased the Meredith stations that they planned to blow up WGCL. We’ve known this entire time they had plans to make it a more serious news-centric operation with its own brand and less influence on the network it was affiliated with, they’ve made zero secret about that. What I don’t understand is why everyone is so upset with WANF and the Atlanta News First brand, sure, it’s unconventional but it does exactly what Gray said they were going to do. We knew going in that CBS46 was going to be tossed out, we knew going in that Gray intended to expand newscasts and beef up the news department. Now, WANF is trying to make headway in unseating the top stations in town for news and make a name for itself, and everyone wants to crap all over the effort. I say, good for Gray and good for WANF for wanting to try to do it right this time. I’m sure, as I’ve mentioned before with the whole KCBS/KCAL thing, that this was tested and tested and tested before it hit the air and it worked. So to come on here and have a meltdown over a brand and say that Gray is destroying the station when we’ve known all along this was their plan is kind of ludicrous. To also speculate that CBS is unhappy with Gray and WANF and plans to yank the affiliation for their own station in Atlanta is also ludicrous. If CBS really wanted WUPA to be a CBS affiliate, they would have done so decades ago. Why does CBS still own WUPA? That’s a question for the theologians. But the same question can be asked of KSTW, WTOG, and others as well. And if CBS pulls their CW affiliations from said stations, it’s not an automatic that they’re going to be actively seeking CBS affiliations for those. Heck, they could run them as 24/7 linear CBS News stations. They could do a number of things, but I think we can’t speculate about what hasn’t happened yet. I think we need to focus on the fact that WANF is finally trying to make a name for themselves in the field of news, and Gray is pouring money and resources and time in that Meredith didn’t in order to make it work. And that should be applauded, not lambasted.
  13. Now, maybe I’m just slow, but I don’t see those graphics anywhere in the limited photos we’ve seen of a potential new look. It could be a new look entirely, something custom. It could just be new elements added to the existing design to get them off of Tribune’s hardware. I don’t think we will know for sure until this set debuts, but I don’t think we should be jumping to conclusions about these being the new graphics until there’s more evidence.
  14. I think WPIX’s new set is great for the space they have to work with. Is it by far the best in NYC? No, but it doesn’t need to be. It needs to be the best for WPIX’s use and for the space they have to work with which honestly seems like it’s not much. So far it looks based off the limited images we have to be utilizing the space way better than the previous set did, and is arguably the best use of studio space since the 2000s set. It’s sad it took them well over a decade to get a decent space to do the news, but it looks like they finally will have it. The previous set did not age well and was a poor attempt at getting them back into a studio space after the failed newsroom era. That three-wall small-market set was never right for NYC, but was probably very cheap given Tribune’s money woes towards the end. It still amazes me that DailyMailTV used that set and made very little modification to it to use it. Quite frankly, I’m glad it’s gone.
  15. I know they do and have historically, but if memory serves me correct someone here mentioned that CBS started clamping down on that and are forcing affiliates to air it in the intended order now.
  16. Ion is positioning itself to be more like Weigel’s Heroes & Icons, at least based on a recurring promo that is now running on Scripps News. The slogan they tout is “A Home for Heroes” in a promo of their off-network syndicated crime dramas. I think I liked it better when they were just “Positively Entertaining,” but that’s just me thinking about clever promotion.
  17. One thing I really like that I’ve noticed they do during first weather and during regular weather is show the 7 Day Forecast fairly early on instead of just at the end. It makes sense considering anyone can pull up the extended forecast on their phones, not sure why more stations don’t blow up the old formula and try it like this.
  18. That is odd considering the suggested airing for affiliates airing both shows is Wheel first and Jeopardy! second and not the other way around. Random specials or infomercials means the station is trying to use that prime slot to make extra cash.
  19. Thank you for bringing this thread back on subject. Might I suggest everyone wanting to talk about whatever is going to happen in Atlanta take it to Speculatron 9000?
  20. All I can say is, it’s about damn time.
  21. I guess it has to do with being HDTV, but I never understood why FOX did away with the box and went full-on bar. They invented the box, you’d think they would keep trying to make the box better and less obtrusive than trying to copy every other network with a score bar. FOX tends to set the trend with graphics, with usually CBS trying to follow suit with their own variation. Whatever comes out of this Super Bowl is going to be either really good for the viewers or really bad.
  22. It’s refreshing to see a network like CBS no less who had a history of making their O&Os fairly cookie cutter take the time to do their research, spend time in communities, and really execute a brand new product that is a product of the city that it’s in, right down to the set design. It speaks volumes that they’re in this to win this finally with WWJ, even though the station has been the red headed stepchild of the group for nearly three decades. But leadership currently in place at the O&O division finally see a chance to make waves, and they’re blossoming something truly unique and exciting. Whether that translates into ratings and will unseat the market leaders WDIV, WJBK, and WXYZ will remain to be seen, however I think CBS will be okay with whatever comes out of it regardless. They seem to be focused less on trying to unseat the others and more focused on setting their own course in our growing streaming world. WWJ might be setting a trend for the next decade of local news here, which is something I never thought I’d ever say. The streaming-first community-first focus makes me feel like this is this decade’s WSVN-tabloid style in terms of trendsetting. I hope I’m right, because local news in general needs a revamp and badly.
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