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  1. If I were try to look past the spin Dish is doing, I would assume that Apollo is trying to negotiate for the stations they’re supposed to receive from Tegna and Standard once the transaction is through. Still really really weird and totally not shady, but they can’t be that stupid.
  2. Oddly enough there’s a way to get a kickback from the FAA if you maintain your helipad as a designated emergency landing zone. Only shows the lack of effort on WTHR’s part.
  3. I mean, those 1s are very distinctly Group W. The letters are Group W-esque. An untrained eye probably wouldn’t notice.
  4. If anything I could imagine Tegna suing Soo Kim a la Tribune and Sinclair. The Tegna board could have legal arsenal that we don’t know about.
  5. Interesting to see they’re using a slightly modernized Group W font for the new logo. They even kept the 1010 WINS branding. Kinda nice to see.
  6. WWJ in Detroit as well. It’s currently simulcasted on WXYT-FM on a HD channel, but no dedicated FM signal yet.
  7. KNX and KFWB had this happened to them in the mid 2000s, and by the end of the decade, KNX was all news and KFWB switched to news/talk and was eventually sold. I won’t be surprised if WINS overtakes WCBS and the same happens to WCBS.
  8. Absolutely, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the legacy AM changes format or eventually gets sold a la KFWB. Then again, the New York market seems to have a bigger appetite for Newsradio than LA, and KFWB has a much weaker signal than WINS, which also lead to its demise as a Newsradio station.
  9. Audacy has also done this with WBBM and KYW. I do wonder if they will still refer to it as 1010 WINS, KYW seems to refer to itself as KYW Newsradio 103.9 more often than Newsradio 1060. Audacy is very much doubling down on their FM frequency branding replacing their legacy AM frequency branding.
  10. Looks like Alt 92.3’s days are numbered as Audacy announces that 1010 WINS will begin simulcasting on that frequency on October 27th. https://audacyinc.com/press/audacy-bolsters-commitment-to-new-york-news-powerhouses-1010-wins-and-wcbs-880/ Among other news, WINS and WCBS will begin to share anchors and reporters, much like KFWB and KNX did before the demise of KFWB’s newsradio product.
  11. Here’s hoping KGTV is next in the market. They’re long overdue.
  12. WFTX is getting a significant amount of help from fellow Scripps stations outside of the state, namely from WXYZ, KGTV, and others. Here’s a post from WXYZ’s news director
  13. I mean, doesn’t CBS own the rights to the name? I would think they would still want to use it. But on the flip side, they also technically own the rights to Westinghouse, which they gladly license out.
  14. I wonder how much Standard General must have lined the pockets of the Black Caucus to receive their blessing.
  15. I mean, wasn’t a similar argument used for the Broadcasting Act 1990 for the lessening of government oversight and regulation of ITV (Which was arguably done for political reasons as well)?I guess the merger and accusation era will only continue, even if the UK media market is already highly consolidated.
  16. Still glad they kept the "Newsradio" branding, unlike KNX and their rebranding. KNX does have the better overall audio image though, maybe even the best in the Audacy chain (other than 1010 WINS).
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