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  1. @ATLNewsExpertSome of people here like @NowBergenmight not pay attention to what goes on in the international thread so let’s keep this focused on New York.
  2. That is a very early start and I don’t know if anyone will watch at 3:30 but I guess they have their reasons for doing this.
  3. @techteacher50 KTTV does run weekend news in the evenings but not mornings.
  4. Nexstar is in big, big trouble now and they know what they are doing because in recent years, they have bought tons of local stations across the country from Tribune, other companies and the CW Network and because of this, they’ve put themselves over the 39% ownership limit set by the FCC but they are very greedy business owners.
  5. Liam Martin has left WBZ Boston, to spend more time with his family and to go into a communications career.
  6. Well, WPVI has most of the new graphics (minus the ticker) so that means KABC will be the last O&O station to switch. I thought WPVI would be the last because of its 20 second open but with KABC’s situation, they probably haven’t completed the switch to the computer system that supports these graphics and they probably just want to not mess anything up so that might be why they will be last to switch.
  7. A lot of CBS stations especially in the top ten markets had historically have less stability and branding changes regularly while NBC and especially ABC stations have way more stability and reporters/anchors tend to stay at these stations longer so viewers get familiar with them and trust these people more to deliver the news. Most people want a quality newscast over quantity.
  8. Elex Michaelson and Christine Devine just announced on the News at 5 that on Monday, FOX 11 will start two new shows, GDLA Plus on FOX 11 Plus (KCOP) at 11am and “Good Nite LA” at 11pm with 6pm anchor Marla Tellez. Those shows will have a different approach to the news of the day compared to the regular newscasts. Seems like they are trying to compete with the other stations in those timeslots.
  9. Well WJLA is their flagship station and DC is a top ten market so I’m assuming that is why they invested so much into this set.
  10. Today, January 5 marks one year since the KCBS/KCAL rebrand and the beginning of the then new KCAL News Mornings. It’s not perfect but things have continued to improve with the newscast since then and let’s see what happens in the future.
  11. I heard the announcement this morning. He came to KTLA in 2021 and it’s going to be 2024 by time most of you see this post. Hopefully KTLA finds somebody to fill the male anchor position for weekend AM and the weekday 4 and 5pm newscasts Mon-Wed or Mon-Fri.
  12. KTLA just added a Sunday evening 4pm news. I don’t think too many people will be watching that because most people just want to relax on Sundays. Even though 5 is not all-news but it feels like it now.
  13. KCAL in Los Angeles has updated to the new ticker as of today.
  14. There is a new bulletin on the BBC called BBC News Now and Maryam Moshiri was anchoring but from what it looks like from the Everything Favorites YouTube channel, it’s nothing special and it looks like a regular BBC News bulletin.
  15. KTLA was pre-recording the weather forecasts for the 5 and 6pm news tonight instead of a live forecast as normal.
  16. The lower thirds of the new graphics packages look similar to the E.W. Scripps’ in some aspects but different in others. The time and temp are separated by a line just like Scripps’ graphics.
  17. It seems like the new KTLA 5 News at 4 will be premiering next Monday, 2/20 according to my guide and Karamo will be pushed away to overnights. So I guess that means they will have continuous live news in the evening from 3-7pm Monday to Friday. All they care about is that money nowadays.
  18. The duopoly is now showing commercials that say CBS2 is now CBS Los Angeles. They should’ve done that for KCBS a couple weeks back and not just KCAL only.
  19. FullSizeRender.MOV It’s 2023 and Nexstar has updated their closing sequences on the local stations. Here’s one from KTLA
  20. Lonnie Quinn filled in on today’s morning newscasts. It’s very rare to see him on that side of the day.
  21. The new set is very beautiful and spacious! I’m glad KTLA is not following some other Nexstar stations and it’s in market #2 so expectations are high.
  22. Over the last month or two, KABC in Los Angeles has been using the new graphics for promos and certain segments. I’m guessing they are just testing for the actual rollout.
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