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  1. Yeah they’d be called “Whitewitness News” at times. The destroy the purpose and legacy of the brand for them.
  2. Very unnecessary it makes the package look like garbage, just use the icons that came with it.
  3. They debuted at 4pm I hear. Thank you Steve Stewart for traveling all over the country to help out on these graphics.
  4. True but I wouldn't cover the whole ceremony, maybe cut it in for every ceremonial bell. But I think the reading of the names is insane and lost of ad revenue.
  5. Normally yeah it ends at noon, but I wouldn't be surprised if they don't do coverage. We're in the streaming days it doesn't have to be broadcast anymore they read the names every year and they've done that since the 1st anniversary, I wouldn't be surprised if they decide ehh we need the revenue, stream it online. It's like if we had TV during Pearl Harbor the Hawaii stations would do coverage for every anniversary for 20 years but then the next generation comes that won't even care unless they learn it in school and most of the families by now who lost loves one's in Pearl Harbor will themselves be old or dying and their descendants won't even care too much because they weren't alive and it was a long time ago. But again every 9/11 anniversary is almost the same why do they need to do coverage every year? It's been 21 years almost 22, I can understand a milestone anniversary like the 20th or the 25th but the next generation will learn it in school or online and descendants of 9/11 victims are not going to have a severe emotional connection it's been long ago that children who lost there fathers now have kids of there own and those kids unless there parents always bring up there grandparents are not gonna care. And kids who dont have relatives who were unalived on 9/11 they're not gonna pay attention and listen to every name of every person that died. The World Trade Center, Washington’s Pentagon, and Shanksville Somerset County, PA killed 2,977 people, that's 2,977 names the future generation isn't gonna want to listen to those names for 3 hours straight.
  6. It's news and entertainment, leisure, and fun and drama for all the stay-at-home moms, and dads, and the elderly.
  7. You guys keep forgetting Sam doesn’t do Fridays someone has to fill in those days. That could me I’ll be rotating meteorologists that could explain it.
  8. It is overkill, Here in Raleigh there using Kweylin for the new 10am show, she’ll be doing the weather along with the morning and noon, in fact the same anchors are also doing all 3 newscasts.
  9. I feel like this will be more of a weather rollout than a news one. At the pace O&Os are going only Chicago done the full rollout. Maybe the stations just hate the look.
  10. So in words this is about the money, so they tryna make the property more valuable by moving the station to another location. So they can redevelop there current property. I hope they continue the news plex studio look in the new building.
  11. True. I thought Shirleen would be a good fit for a role like that she even if I remember announced her third pregnancy one time on the show. And then after she did WABC’s morning news. But I doubt it no personality at channel 7 ever takes a network position it’s almost like a hands off.
  12. They have 3 kids. Unless they want to do what they did in Kansas City wife and husband anchor team then go for it.
  13. i don’t think Rosanna is biased at all I think she’s a great journalist, she’s trying to speak off experience as she’s a restaurant owner herself, she’s trying to present it in a way a New Yorker would do if that was there restaurant that could be affected same thing applies to congestion pricing.
  14. Yea but then Mike doing mornings if that happens his wife who also is a morning news anchor but at network I wonder if she might have to leave and go local.
  15. It was customized for the needs and they ordered it for Steve Stewart to make them of course he from WTVD is head of graphics.
  16. True I loved the new graphics, the time temp and current conditions in the open are good. But that Chicago how will it work in Raleigh-Durham, how will it work in New York, or Philadelphia I mean you're talking about traditions and modernizing them. Like WABC they not gonna axe there talent opens they tired that in late 1999-2004. It was so bad at some point in that time they stopped doing it all together really in 2001 they stopped it. WPVI is not gonna get rid of there iconic open except for the title card. WLS has only been the one that's progressive minded when it comes to modernizing things like tweaking there iconic legacy-stimulus theme music. Bringing back “Eyewitness News” moniker, changing there set. Having had several retirements from it perfect news team, and they've easily gotten viewers accustomed to a new generation of news anchors.
  17. It's about consistency that why ABC O&O WTVD is number #1. Because if that we use tools like the data tracker, the crime spoter, and talk and focus on issues like crime in Downtown Raleigh and Durham. We also split coverage between the 2 areas unlike the competition. It's about listening, and going in-depth and that what maybe sister-station, KTRK is missing there still ratings leader of course Houston’s Best Station imo but while yes KPRC is giving them and run for their money, they are trying. I think the group-wide package might be a dumpster fire if there is no input.
  18. Maybe Chuck Scarborough and Bill Rittet and Maurice Dubios. I can't see myself being a journalist in New York unless it national. It's too expensive.
  19. I don't know why he left? I don't understand why native NY journalists hate national news and weather channels despite the good pay and the luxuries, local news can go so far with budgets to make millions it takes time and longevity, national news is great pay. Matt Lauer and Al Roker have shown it can be done.
  20. Viewers in the comments aren't very fond of the new faces, I have to tell them that the station is in need of a helping hand.
  21. Honestly it's about time they've used it forever through it's many tracks I think in the late 90s maybe 1996. They started using in-sink music.
  22. Don't give up ABC or any of the O&Os it isn't like Capital Cities is gonna rebuy them. That was the merger in the first place.
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