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KNBC Sweeps Party 12/04/1996

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The KNBC 1996 November sweeps party!


The "lost tape" that should probably remain lost.

Where else can you see the News 4 team get down and party,  but with the all seeing eye of the KNBC 2nd floor newsroom flash cam in beautiful downtown Burbank.


Special appearances from Nancy Bauer, Carole Black, a bunch of on-air folks...and a mime.





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20 minutes ago, C Block said:

I'm jealous every time I hear about all the fun that happened in this industry in the 80s and 90s.


That video may be the last pictures of the consumption of authorized adult beverages in that newsroom.

There were still plenty of "mini-bars" in the assorted newsroom desk.


Fun Fact:  A&O Liquor... across the street at Alameda and Olive would deliver booze directly to almost anywhere in the NBC building, just by calling 848-13XX.


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