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Hurricane Sally

tyrannical bastard

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What a weird past couple of days.


What was supposed to hit New Orleans eventually took it's good old time stalling and drifting, shifting from a weak Cat 1 to a strong Cat 2 and back and forth and finally ended up hitting Gulf Shores, AL as a strong 2.

Sunday & Monday, the New Orleans stations were wall to wall, expecting the worst after Laura hit the other end of the state.

Then it began targeting Biloxi, and they kept TOH updates (while WXXV barely covered it outside of newscasts)

Then yesterday, Mobile was the target, and their stations started extended (but not quite wall-to-wall) coverage.  They really didn't begin continuous updates until last night, when it was supposed to be a weakened storm.

This morning, it raged into Baldwin County, AL and Pensacola with strong winds and flooding rain/storm surge.  16 years to the day of Ivan, some saying this storm was worse (and Ivan was a Cat 3!)


WEAR, WKRG and WALA have pretty much been wall-to-wall since last night, WPMI went until noon.  Likely a side effect of being co-owned with WEAR and Pensacola getting the brunt of the storm.

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