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WAAY-TV Radar Network


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18 minutes ago, MidwestTV said:

Radar instillation in more than 900 countries worldwide eh? Impressive. One for each nation and then some. Misspeak aside, I can't imagine this was a cheap endeavor. I'm most surprised they got the OK for not one, but three personal radars.

It helps when you have an owner that's committed to saving lives such as Byron Allen. If he wasn't committed to that there is no way he would've even thought about purchasing TWC or the stations he has purchased.


It wouldn't surprise me if this goes groupwide within Allen beyond WAAY.

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9 minutes ago, who?cares said:

It’s kind of a slap in the face to Baron that they went with EEC for the radars. Baron is right down the road (mountain) from WAAY.


I highly doubt Baron is crying over it. Maybe disappointed (if they even knew), sure, but it's business. We don't know if they sought out Baron or not. If they did but EEC offered a better deal then of course that's who they'd go with.

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  • 1 year later...

Our local station WSMV has their own personal radar, but I'm unclear about the benefits of it. It seems like the only useful product you can get out of them is BR, which I mean is better than nothing, but in terms of being able to analyze the storm faster and see if it's rotating or not, it looks like you're better off using the WSR88D for the data.

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