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  1. KTVY (now-KFOR) from sometime in early 1982 https://youtube.com/watch?v=Wye7QRf4hn0&si=3lWn9SiB1dcbyn2Z
  2. And Judge Lopez has ordered Diamond to pay the affected teams in full within 5 days So buckle your seatbelts folks, things is about to get very interesting in a hurry.
  3. The News 9 Now subchannel is having major technical difficulties, can't even replay the main stations Noon show as well. This is all part of this move, they have to get the kinks worked out.
  4. The current KWTV facilities will not be torn down. In fact Griffin Media is donating EVERYTHING in the current building to Langston University with Langston set to move it's Journalism Program to the Kelley Ave Studios in January
  5. Just looking at this thread and honestly, Perry must be high on Sudafed drugs if he thinks he's going to get live sports on the CW. Many of the major sports contracts are locked up until the late 20s and heading into the 2030s (even local/regional rights deals are locked into that same timeframe) so how's he going to get them? NEWSFLASH: He can't
  6. KTEN from 1994 and it features a minute long news intro
  7. Which means that there is a distinct possibility that both Standard General and Apollo gets nailed by the FCC for lack of candor. I know for certain looking at previous documents both with this deal and when Apollo acquired Cox a few years back there was no mention of them doing business in the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands or Bermuda.
  8. According to the SEC filing there is a termination fee of $163 million and to address @GoldenShine9's question about when Tegna could terminate this deal, the earliest they could get out of the deal with Standard is in May of next year.
  9. That's a big one right there. I literally had no idea that Kim/Standard never bothered to address Apollo's involvement with this deal to the FCC.
  10. Keep in mind too that when the set was built originally, they were doing SportsCenter literally from 9am Eastern until 2am Eastern, now it's totally different.
  11. I have a theory in mind that I'm going to take over to Speculatron 9000 regarding Cox (what's left of it) and Graham
  12. The fact that Graham Media has filled a petition to deny this merger says a lot about where this merger could be heading towards. I've never seen Graham this much outspoken for or against a merger of a competitor, ever.
  13. Is the way we consume television changing? Yeah absolutely but, the more I think of Myron's ideas the more I think that's asking for a lot of people to be placed out of work and at a time where local news matters the most we don't need anymore people losing their jobs due to cutbacks and such that comes from mergers than what it already is just because "oh local news is dying we need to shut down the whole news department!!!!" That's nonsense the way I look at it.
  14. That's weird because it worked just fine on my end. Usually Weeters is on there and I know Myron has been frequenting this particular thread I can simply private message them and let them know what's going on.
  15. And now we have our first look at the Comprehensive Exibit on the deal. Some of the notable highlights: We're seeing a good ole facility swap in Dallas No divestitures are being addressed The WFXT group is tentively called Teton (and it looks like it's somewhat connected to Cox I'm not sure about that one) Either way I probably got confused reading that whole exhibit.
  16. It also didn't help that Tegna thought it was worth close to $10 billion as a complete set either.
  17. If you're saying that P.E. firms buys broadcasters just to flip them in like 3 years max (which that's what it sounds like to me) then WFAA/KVUE/KHOU's time under Apollo should then be a brief one (whether they decide to cash out within the next year or Apollo is forced to sell off Cox because of the DOJ considering Tegna and Cox to be one company) The fact that the only bidders were a P.E. firm that tried not once, but twice to take over Tegna and Byron Allen that really goes to show how much consolidation has eaten up this industry and why I might strongly consider entering into the public sector after I finish my Bachelor's in a few years.
  18. LMAO.. In all seriousness the more I think about it the more I think the press release was probably misquoted or something to that effect, I think that new group is probably setting up a "shell" for WFXT (and actually likely WFAA/KVUE/KHOU too) or Kim is essentially taking Tegna and using the divestiture tool to break up the whole Tegna chain knowing full well that the DOJ would probably treat all 3 entities as one large company. It actually puzzles me why they would actually form a separate company within Standard to run WFXT that would also have the voting rights to the new Tegna yet, Apollo (Cox) won't have any voting rights at all. EDIT: Just read the New York Post article about this deal and it's a holding company that's buying both Tegna and WFXT separately and it would be ran separately. This deal needs to be reworked a bit when they file the application with the FCC, I already have wayyyy more questions than I do answers.
  19. Yeah I think regarding both of them I think we need to wait until the FCC filings get filed, the only thing I can think of it might be an error in the memo.
  20. Here's the press release regarding the WFXT acquisition and it notes that Standard is creating a whole new media company (separate from Tegna) centered around WFXT
  21. My thinking is that I've completely disagreed with Myron on the part of the Government rejecting this deal outright, we need to wait until we see the papers filed at the FCC before jumping into conclusions but what my opinion is that unless it's structured something to the effect of Standard/Apollo making divestitures to include a spin-off of Cox into it's own independent company (which would consist of primarily the original Cox stations, the former Texas Belo stations and I will include KENS in that one and the current Standard stations) As it is structured now I DO agree with Myron that it will ultimately not pass regulatory muster.
  22. Bloomberg is now reporting that Standard/Apollo are nearly a deal to buy Tegna for $24-a-share What's interesting is that what's included is that the shares will increase if the regulatory approval takes a long (and I mean a long) time to approve (which is a possibility). A deal could be announced as soon as later this morning.
  23. Which in past experiences with P/E firms being in the business they don't give raises so I really don't expect Standard to do that with the Tegna stations unless Kim decides to step in and give the employees pay raises (which I have my doubts he would do that)
  24. While I do agree that Apollo wouldn't be any better however, we still don't know whether or not Tegna's employees will be the "real victims" because other than Apollo not having voting rights there is still way too many unknowns with this deal. And we won't know that until the ink is finally dry.
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