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WITI's "new" WakeUp Set


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I say "new" because apparently this thing has been in use for a few months (seems to have launched in June or July), but the differences between the main set in Studio A and this new set in Studio B are so minor that, if you're casually viewing, you have to look closely to notice.


I can't find any good photos (nor much mention of when it debut) so I've had to scour social media for some good ones.


Primary set in Studio A has a L-shaped desk in front of a curved video wall.



"New" WakeUp set in Studio B has a semi-circle desk in front of... a curved video wall (it's the same exact model wall)...



But unlike Studio A, there's some set pieces above the wall. This wall is where it becomes hard to notice what set they are using. Unless you can see the desk, the background is basically identical, because they use the same style imagery in the LED walls for both sets.


Primary set in Studio A has a 3x3 monitor array with color-changing panels behind it.


"New" WakeUp set in Studio B has a 3x3 monitor array with color changing panels behind it


The set kept most of the same general layout as the former set, with the 3x3 wall replacing the chroma key wall and FOX O&O set 3 stacked monitors "triptych"-like standup area (the previous WakeUp set dated to the final years of their last go-around as an O&O, and was designed by the company that did the 2000's-era FOX O&O sets). Everything else seems to be in much the same place. Even the blue paneling along the upper edge of parts of the set is a design taken from the previous one.


The new set definitely feels like a modern uplift of the previous set, even though the design of the previous set still felt modern at the end of its life. Speaking of, I wonder what happened to the old set's partial sister at the AARP...


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