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The Insite hears long time KHOU anchor Lisa Foronda is calling it quits. Sources say staffers at the CBS affiliate received an email from management Monday saying Foronda was going to pursue other interests. Lisa has been a part of KHOU since 1997. She last worked at WTSP in Tampa, Florida. Foronda has been a broadcast journalist since 1991. Good luck Lisa on your future endeavors. December 22 is her last day. She is expected to remain in Houston.


Source: KRIV's Isiah Carey (http://carey2.blogspot.com/)

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A Career in review.


-Part of station's "new" image circa 1997 (along w/ set, music & a few new hires)

-Dated Carl Parker

-Probably a portion of the reason Marlene McClinton left...

-Helmed a high-rated newscast

-Was pretty hot


She was pretty good & competent, but eh... I'm sure they'll find someone else capable.

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I sort of remember when Lisa arrived...she came in with no fanfare. She was kind of snuck in the back door of 11 and into our living rooms. at the time we (as viewers) were unaware that she was destined to replace Marlene McClinton since Marlene was still doing the 6 and 10. Steve Smith retired (or was forced out...whichever you believe) and Greg Hurst moved right in from WABC. I think Marlene knew her days were numbered at KHOU but didn't have an "exit plan".


i remember my parents didn't like her at all when she first came on KHOU...my mom despised her because she was "soooooo not Marlene", and she stumbled over the easiest words and fumbled her lines. I tried telling her that ALL anchors do that at one time or another, but she was hardheaded and refused to listen and eventually switched to 13.


But...one thing i read in the above post that rings very true....SHE WAS HOTT!! I saw her a couple of times at 2 clubs in Houston called Rich's and South Beach...she's a great dancer and fabulous dresser. hooo haaaa!! and VERY friendly too. She's never "nose in the air" "i'm more famous than anyone"...always personable and always willing to either chit chat or give a friendly hug.



BTW TexasTVNews...i like your new "6 news" avatar on your profile. KFDM should take a hint. LOL

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