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  1. I understand that. I’m just making the point that at least in this market, the channel numbers themselves didn’t represent the actual channel branding.
  2. In Pittsburgh, on the largest cable provider (Comcast), the channel number branding has never aligned with the actual channel numbers on tv. For example, KDKA2 was channel 6, WTAE4 was channel 8, and WPXI11 was channel 12. And when HD came along, those stations are now on channel 8xx. Not to mention on streaming (the major focus), channel numbers are 100% irrelevant.
  3. They’re literally the same (only) people that would be up in arms if KDKA gave up the calls. And guess what, all those same people are still watching TV-2 after complaining on Facebook.
  4. I can only speak for Pittsburgh, but I wholeheartedly disagree with this sentiment. There would be no mass freak out or loss of viewers. It would blow over in a day.
  5. KDKA 7:30pm open RPReplay_Final1679441456.mov
  6. It certainly was not an accident to omit the wave.
  7. Absolutely. They can’t risk another Wendy Bell PR nightmare on KDKA-AM/FM.
  8. Because most people watching have a phone in their hand or sitting next to them which tells them the time and temp.
  9. Seeing this, I wouldn’t expect new graphics on KYW any time soon.
  10. It wouldn’t make sense to use black/gold in a newsroom shot and blue elsewhere.
  11. I believe they are debuting next week. Their Westmoreland County reporter tweeted that he was leaving that post to report from the new desk next week.
  12. CBS is moving away from Enforcer for exactly that reason. It’s dated and doesn’t fit the direction of the network/O&Os. It’s been around long enough. It’s time for something refreshing and new. The graphics are modern and clean. They look good on mobile and streaming, which is the future. They’re far better than the current iteration of the O&O graphics. Overall, it appears this is a solid upgrade for the CBS O&Os. Despite some stations keeping calls or channel numbers (for now), I think this is a step in the right direction. I for one am happy to see some of the nostalgia go to the wayside.
  13. Off topic, but I think over time this trend will catch on around the country. The big 3 won’t have near the relevance they do now in the decades to come. In fact, I’d already argue they have less relevance than decades ago.
  14. This branding actually makes no sense. The “next” weather branding is about what’s coming next and preparing viewers. Traffic reports are quite literally about what’s happening now, AND what has already happened to cause the current traffic backups.
  15. Norah is so bad. Easily the worst on the network and cable channels.
  16. I dont think this has been shared yet. CBS News Detroit open: [LINK REMOVED BY MANAGEMENT]
  17. Forgot about Shumway now that he’s in the morning. As for Highfield, he’s good, but he doesn’t fall in the same category as Rice, Stacy Smith, or Patrice King Brown.
  18. Nope. All the other greats have retired.
  19. KDKA is getting a new newsroom. Preparing for the CBS News Pittsburgh rebrand?
  20. I would argue that I wouldn’t want to be affiliated with those outlets and would have doubled down on the Newsy brand. It’s new and refreshing sounding. Scripps News sounds old and lame.
  21. I would argue that an evening news program is best suited in DC versus NYC.
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