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  1. Proof that Nexstar is running this is failure is inevitable...
  2. I'm well aware of all of this. WJZY hasn't been that situation in ratings since 2016. The move was not because of the previous years. It's because they wanted back into Milwaukee and finally into Seattle. I've said that Fox will come back as they see someone else building up WJZY then reap the benefits of that investment. Charlotte can support 5 news operations. That's not WJZY's problem. Similar sized and smaller markets such as Orlando have 5 news operations. If they stick to something with branding and with proper investment then it will be fine.
  3. Supposed growth? Charlotte is one of the top 10 fastest growing larger regions in the US. Its income has drastically increased and so has the highly educated population well. The major league sports franchises here as well. It'll be a top 20 DMA in a few years. That translates into major revenue. Fox only sold WJZY because they wanted into Seattle with KCPQ and get their hands back on the steady pennies associated with the Packers through WITI. I'll continue to say what I said about the Charlotte market regardless. Toledo? That is a no growth market like Detroit. That's cheap ass Nexstar for ya!
  4. It's whatever to me with which one wind up as the Fox O&O again. The fact is likely to occur with Charlotte's rapid growth as a NFC, MLS, and NASCAR sports revenue market. I bet Nexstar is going to regret these unnecessary moves with WJZY. Ironically they have hardly done much with KTVI nor KDVR.
  5. I said everything that needs to be said back in August about Nexstar disasterous movements with WJZY & WMYT
  6. Vanessa Ruffes is likely going to be the permanent 5, 6, & 11 co-anchor
  7. I saw the new opening. Their News logo is not "News 4" logo anymore. That logo says "4 NBC News" like WNBC's confusing News 4 New York logo basically. I see why they delayed the new graphics so long.
  8. I really don't care what is going on behind the scenes. They spent years building up something that was overturned in less than 2 years. It looks unstable. They should keep the FTS graphics until either the FTS gets a new package thus forcing them to change to Nexstar graphics or the station is reacquired by FOX. They changed the weather radar font and they are still using the FTS package overall.
  9. Yeah I said in the past Nexstar is a mess. They replaced a barely 4 year news set because it was built by FTS. Let a boatload of talent to leave more any other station in the market in the past 18 months after years of work establishing their on-air news talent. Unnecessarily changed the website domain from "fox46charlotte.com" to "fox46.com". Now confusing branding, they wasting time with this bullsh*t attempt with those whack a** Nexstar graphics & "Fox Charlotte" branding, which are both trash, because they want to attempt to "de-foxify" the station identity and appearance. When sports programming is on they use the FTS-style "FOX 46 CHARLOTTE" logo with the "WJZY-TV BELMONT-CHARLOTTE" station ID although the promos and top/bottom-of-the-hour. Nexstar management are idiots, point blank, period. Nexstar better realize this isn't one of their typical middle-sized markets, so they need to leave it all alone and just ride it out as "FOX46 Charlotte". I can bet it is going to remain "FOX46 Charlotte" branding and continuing the use of the barely 18-months old FTS graphics because they know their ratings depends on it. Otherwise, Nexstar isn't going to last long here...
  10. Technically they are different because they are OTT broadcasters versus cable or paid TV channels. Unless Comcast wants to take over the broadcast licenses of all their OTT affiliates then it's not the same
  11. YouTube TV and NBC Universal are squabbling now. If it is not resolved by Thursday YouTubeTV is pulling all of their channels from the platform
  12. I highly doubt that's why the attempt to change the branding has not been made. It's a market research reason.
  13. They're still using the FOX46 branding. They'll probably a hybrid branding in the interim.
  14. For those that make these passive aggressive statements. I have my info from someone in the broadcast industry myself. The same source who predicted the new Fox O&O graphics launched in February 2020 on WJZY, the Orlando Fox & MyTV O&Os by Fox along with the aforementioned Sacramento, San Diego Fox affiliate properties for Nexstar as a future swap that has been seroiusly considered, to the fact that Charlotte still on the Fox network radar are known to those who work on this daily. I didn't make up anything, so if you disagree then go disagree with my source.
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