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  1. I'm so saddened by this. I love Brad. http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/tv/ct-ent-cbs-chicago-anchor-brad-edwards-20200821-4sgiwms2v5ekjnobxgse327ihi-story.html
  2. This one has the updated 7-Day! I guess we can call it complete. Not sure why Mary Kay Kleist isn't onboard, but Robb Ellis sure is! And not sure if more changes are on the way outside of the weather dept. I would hope so, 'cause the lower-thirds don't match, for one thing.
  3. Most thorough update I've seen...
  4. 24994J, I'm OBSESSED with your new avatar. That is all. Thank you.
  5. As surprised as I am, I figured it could be his turn when they inexplicably recently renewed Irika Sargent. The ax had no where else to fall, unfortunately. One could make the case that 12 years is long enough to prove unsuccessful, but they'd be wrong. Channel 2 saw ratings growth under Johnson, both as a solo anchor and when he was paired with Kate Sullivan. Management failed to keep the ball roillling. I was never wild about Rob, but I can't see them doing better. Brad Edwards? I personally like Brad, but he's an odd duck to say the least. Don't see the masses appreciating his style. And I've seen him fill-in alongside Irika that ONE time, there's nothing there. As for Marissa, it's terrible to say but it's the cold hard truth: if she didn't gain all that weight, the insufferable Erin Kennedy would have rightfully taken the fall instead.
  6. So pissed at Channel 2. She should have been Rob's co-anchor all this time. Instead, she hadn't even been filling-in on the anchor desk anymore. Reminds me of how they treated Mary Ann Childers - they hire someone great, management changes a couple hundred times, and before you know it they don't even know who they have right under their nose. Idiots. Out of town IDIOTS!
  7. Not complaining, but what is CBS News national correspondent Adriana Diaz doing anchoring WBBM's morning news right now? And they just said she'll be there the rest of the week filling-in for Erin Kennedy. She's very good, too good for this, one would think. But hey, if they're gonna start using Chicago based network correspondents as fill-in anchors, I can only hope Dean Reynolds is next. Always wanted to see him in for Rob Johnson a time or two.
  8. Don't judge me, but what the hell is Channel 2 doing with their top met spot? As hard as it was to bid adieu to Steve Baskerville, at least I was reassured they'd be rotating fill-ins until a permanent replacement was named. Instead, Mary Kay Kleist has shifted to weeknights (every single weeknight) and newcomer Robb Ellis fills-in for Mary Kay on weekends. Now don't get wrong, I know Mary Kay is beyond qualified and has put in her time and is deserving of the top spot. But so is Ed Curran and even Megan Glaros. It's just that Mary Kay lacks any appeal beyond what she offers on paper. Of course I don't want just another weather bunny, all I'm asking for is some personality, which I know Channel 2 detests. So I guess Mary Kay is very safe in that department. But I just don't get it. Ed is an asset to the station. And Megan is more than just a bunny. All I can hope is that Channel 2 has something up their sleeve and is just biding their time until they can make the move they really want to make. Like singing Mike Caplan (when is his contract up?). Or AMY FREEZE please! Chicago loved her, and she's been stuck on weekend mornings in NY forever. Come on back!
  9. Being such a huge fan of hers, I've been buzzing about this all week. I think these spots debuted last weekend, at least that's when I first saw one. And I was FREAKING OUT! Not that I understand what the hell CBS Eye on the Community is. Anyway, I'm hoping against hope that there's more to this, much more. I mean why else would they tap HER for this? They could have much more easily had someone already on staff do these. I've been good, keeping my affinity for Mary Ann Childers at bay on here because I always figured it was a pipe dream she'd ever be back on the news. I get how the business has changed, and I accepted it. But when they go and do something like this, I'm sorry, all bets are off and it's not my fault! And how great does she look?!? Hasn't age a day since she was unceremoniously let go nearly 10 years ago already. She's just so classy, the consummate professional. OK I could go on and on about her but I won't, you get it - I'm obsessed. But I will say this, Irika Sargent will be at Channel 2 two years October 19th. So if it was a two-year deal, ummm... And we all know Irika's done diddly for the ratings. Seriously, they might as well have a robot doing the news - that's exactly what she's like - one of those computer avatars. But I don't want to rip Irika too much, its not like she's a beyotch or anything. She just brings nothing to the table. Rob & Mary Ann together however would be ah-mazing. And I was never a huge Rob Johnson fan, but by now he's won me over. Just about 20 years in Chicago, he just quietly marked 10 years as CBS 2 10pm anchor (I think Bill, Walter, and Linda are the only other people on earth who can say that). And he's a great anchor, very smooth. And at this point, who are they going to get that's better than him? Unless Ron Magers is sick of retirement yet But what I was getting at is Rob & Mary Ann have a history, he auditioned back in 1998 to be her morning co-anchor before landing at WLS. They worked great together when he came to Channel 2, and most of all they've maintained a friendship ever since. Rob and his wife Stacy often get together with Jay & Mary Ann. The point is, Rob & Mary Ann have a chemistry on-air and off, and have a mutual respect for each other. And since they're both market veterans, her re-addition could be EXACTLY what Channel 2 so desperately needs. OMG, could this actually be happening?!!?
  10. Bill Weir filled-in for Charlie Rose today! Could this mean CBS is eyeing him (pardon the pun)? They didn't even introduce him as CNN's Bill Weir. Just simply Bill Weir. Hmmmmm
  11. And oddly enough, Liz Nagy filling-in for Ravi at 10 ALONGSIDE Karen Jordan. Can't remember the last time Ravi or Karen was off and the other didn't anchor solo. In fact, seems like ever since Karen returned from maternity leave, they're hardly ever on together anymore. Or at least more often than not. (That is, more often solo than not solo. Oy vey, sometimes I really hate English)
  12. I bummed about this. Jeff's a good anchor, seems like the nicest guy too. He & dawn have a real chemistry, and as much as I don't care for Bill Bellis or Lou Canellis, all four of them worked well together. But Rafer Weigel?! Talk about unlikable! Has NONE of his father's personality. But, lucky for him, he has his name! Oh this city!
  13. I noticed this on CBS This Morning the other day. I think it looks pretty good too. So do they do this on all network news shows, including the 'Evening News'?
  14. OMG I wish I would have known! For the longest time I've wanted to see him in that chair. I think Phil Rogers has the makings of a great lead anchor and never understood why he wasn't doing so. So how was he? And this is the first time he's ever filled-in, right? Well hopefully this is the first of many so I get to catch him next time.
  15. Cool as heck! Was just gonna post this myself! Really happy for her, one of my all-time favorites. And one of the best female voices in news, I know she'll sound great on the radio - just like Robin Robinson did. Channel 2 would be smart to bring them both back on. I got all excited with that Robert Feder column a while back speculating that was maybe in the works for Robin.
  16. No!! I love Byron! Which is weird because I never used to. But this time around, I dunno, he won me over. He's just so darn likable - and funny too. I think he's improved with age (but he definitely doesn't LOOK his age). Not that he's old, he just looks way younger. Anyways, I was even hoping he might replace Brant, who if you ask me, is getting a little creepy with age. Especially that hair dye...but I do love Fungus Wednesday! ha
  17. What average viewer is going to notice this? I mean it's not ugly but it's just not exciting. At all. It's a news set, that's about it. A 1995 news set. And that desk may not technically be a two-seater, but it's as close as you can get to one - you can see the weather & sports guys' chairs and lower bodies for Pete's sake. I was watching at 5 to see if it might debut and all I can say is major yawn as far as I'm concerned. Other than that, nice! LOL
  18. LAZYNETJUNKIE!!!!! Welcome the hell back! Where have you been!? How long has it been?! Great to hear from you again!
  19. NBC5 lead sports anchor Mike Adamle, who's been out for over a year, tells his story to Peggy Kusinski Tuesday & Wednesday on NBC5 News at 10PM. They will also be going more in-depth on next weekend's Sports Sunday. My heart breaks for him. I knew he fell on some hard times a few years back, but from what I can gather, he's been in a really dark place. Not sure which came first (the circumstances or the internal battle), but I'm guessing it's the latter. Well there's no point in speculating, we'll find out soon enough. All I do know is that I really feel for him and wish him nothing but better days and, of course, complete freedom from this.
  20. Thanks. Maybe I'm thinking of the logo in the weather area, the one next to Tracy in this pic. Did they remove it? Maybe that's my confusion, because I don't feel like I've seen it in a long time. Maybe I'm just off my rocker.
  21. I've been meaning to ask, and since that pic makes it easy for me, here's my question... Didn't that ABC 7 logo on the wall used to illuminate in blue when the new State Street studio debuted? Why don't they light it up like that anymore? I think it looked way better
  22. If anyone's interested, you should check out the end credits on tonight's 10PM news. Channel 2 never does credits on it's newscasts (well they used to years ago) but I guess since it's the end of the year, the holidays, and the weekend, they've gone all-out and put together a completely thorough acknowledgment of everyone at the station. The production value is incredible - the graphics, the visuals, the music. I know this because I caught the tail-end of them last weekend on both Christmas Eve & Christmas Day and was really kicking myself for missing the whole thing. TWICE. So I flipped it on last night thinking maybe they were gonna do it for New Years too, and to my delight, they did! But OF COURSE I only caught the tail-end AGAIN. So tonight, no matter what, I'm going to make sure I see the whole ending because it's definitely my last chance being New Years Day and all. Even if that means waiting 'til 11:30 or 12 because according to my Comcast grids, CBS 2 News at 10 is scheduled to start at 10:30 because of football I'm sure, so there's a likely chance it will be even later than that. And since the news is an hour on the weekends, 11:25ish would be the earliest the credits would air. Maybe a minute or two earlier since, like I said, it's quite the lengthy production. So I'm allowing for anything 'cause I'm such a dork (even a possible 10PM on-time start), and I invite anyone as dorky as me to do the same. And if anyone wants to record it and post it, that would be AWESOME because I don't know how to do such things. Thank you and Happy New Year!
  23. Couldn't agree more. I tuned-in having missed it last year expecting to see something good since it managed to beat Channel 7 right out of the gate (ratings wise). BUT IT WAS THE WORST TELEVISION EVER. How the hell could this beat Ch. 7?! Even in it's first year?! I mean, yeah, Channel 7 NYE sucks too, but in a reliable, endearing sorta way - mainly, namely, Mark and Janet. And until there's ever an actual better alternative, that's who I want to see on New Year's Eve.
  24. Linda Yu tonight at 10! Been too long since we've seen that. She did the 6 too, been too long for that as well. In fact, it's a marathon day for Linda, anchoring ALL evening newscasts - 4,5,6,7 and 10! I miss this sorta thing. And before all the recent changes, it used to be a somewhat regular occurrence, especially on a Friday night. And because I fear it may be because no one else could do it since everyone is off/and or maybe unavailable, I'm just going to enjoy it since who knows if/when this will ever happen again. My favorite was always when Linda would fill in at 10 when Ron was still there and it was Ron, Linda, Jerry and Mark. Those were the days... it's just not Channel 7 anymore. I'm sure I'll get crap for that, but sorry it's how I feel.
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