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  1. ttvn2000

    The "3" Thread

    Some behind-the-scenes images... I bet it was difficult to put that logo on the cookies
  2. And they couldn't ditch that gawd-awful "11" ?!?!
  3. ttvn2000

    The "3" Thread

    Everything about this launch is very 'piece meal' - which is odd, considering they really could've put the newscasts in the "Live on Lakeside" studio while they made these changes at once. Side note: Can an admin or moderator move the WKYC logo-related conversation from "Out and About" to this thread?
  4. Cementing their dominance, WJW picks up Carl Monday, Tom Meyer and Tom Merriman in "contributor" roles: https://fox8.com/2019/09/17/back-at-fox-8-tom-merriman-tom-meyer-and-carl-monday-return-to-the-fox-8-i-team/ So basically, Monday and Meyer left WOIO and WKYC respectively, because they had to. (And we see how that's going for them.) I have to wonder how/if this type of thing will continue at Fox 8 if Nexstar retains ownership.
  5. Why why why do they continue to just put band-aids over that set?! It’s the same desk, just refreshed. Over and over again. That newsroom studio looked it’s best from its inception to 2008... once they added those banners, it went to pot. Argh. This “WKYC Studios” BS has been in all the annoying press releases each time a new member of talent is announced. Who are they trying to be? I just don’t get it. I have said it before, but I am genuinely curious. We’re the ratings so poor to justify these changes? It makes no sense, especially as Fox 8 doubles down on their “Cleveland’s Own” branding (which is nearly 35 years old, at least) and executed it beautifully. Russ Mitchell deserves better. Jim Donavan and Betsy Kling deserve better. I’m just bewildered by this decline. Look at anything from WKYC from 1999-2009 and mourn this loss: This just pushes the Cleveland market down the gutter even more... Argh.
  6. ttvn2000

    The "3" Thread

    I can't even. And we thought the 11Alive logo or WFAArrow logo was bad. THIS CANNOT BE. (Maybe this conversation should move to a Graphics or TEGNA Corporate Thread?)
  7. I want to like this - as it is definitely “on trend” in terms of a flat design. But - the open is sloppy and clearly inspired by TEGNA. (Diagonal stripe pattern is an obvious similarity.). I do like the transitions and wipe/masking effects. The set is a nice variation of what we’ve seen in recent Nexstar sets - similar to WISH but with an overall “darker” palette and varying textures. Plus, unique features like the bridge cables and street patterns really bring a “local” flavor. In this age of consolidation, I appreciate Nexstar’s approach to individual station branding and identity. (Which is obviously a remnant from Media General and Lin.) I wish TEGNA, Scripps and Sinclair would take a similar approach, It’s standardization without being too cookie cutter - offering options for individuality amid a slate of consistent design elements.
  8. Ok @CLETVFan - each newscast title update is getting more and more ludicrous! Why are they throwing their brand equity down the toilet?! Are the ratings bad enough to justify the changes? Argh, how I miss 2006 WKYC.
  9. He's busy posting selfies with Al Roker and Kathie Lee - and memories of selfies with Kathie Lee - so if you're looking for "infotainment" you may be OK. See what he's done to that horrible morning newscast?
  10. Yes! I've always considered her a very solid journalist - even in her days at WTVG. ABC did a very good job utilizing WTVG as a place to groom top-tier talent. (Bloomquist, Rob Powers, Jason Knowles, Jeff Blanzy, etc.)
  11. Hogan would be ideal. (I should've put a next to my comment about the snatch-and-grabs that WBNS continues to make...) It can't be Scott Light.
  12. Not surprising, though it should've been in the works for longer than it has. Jeff Hogan should've been waiting in the wings, but I think he was over waiting for the slot. Scott Light is just so very bland. Pete Scalia is not PM anchor material. Maybe they can lure Bob Kendrick away from WSYX, since that's what WBNS does best. (Though it won't be for top-dollar like it was for Yolanda Harris...)
  13. I think both he and Dierking are like Cincinnati chili or goetta....people outside the area might not see the appeal. I find both of them very dry and wooden, and such a stark contrast from their morning news team. Bob Herzog is almost TOO animated and it sometimes appears very jarring when they shift from adlibbing to "real news." But that could also be the station putting a square peg in a round hole altering the format of Good Morning Cincinnati to a more "hard news" format over the past few years. I see this is an opportunity to completely overhaul the entire operation. They really should consider tweaking their morning format to be something akin to the WGN Morning News, building that show around Herzog and a team. And for the evenings, move someone into those positions with just a little bit of personality? Sheila Gray almost seems too wooden for the mornings, but has just enough personality for the PM. Brad Johansen never really "left" Cincinnati during his stint at WRAL (his wife and daughter stayed in Ohio). To me, this seems like a no-brainer. John Lomax should also have the chance to do whatever he wants...if he wants an afternoon/early evening slot. Switch Lomax and Kyle Inskeep. Build mornings around Herzog. Considering hiring back Tiffany Wilson to the AM show. Put Gray and Johansen together as the main team...and let Liz Bonis/Paula Toti keep their current roles for consistency's sake. (As dry at Toti is...) All of this should be proactive to WLWT - who really shines with married duo Sheree Paolello and Mike Dardis at the helm.
  14. Cammy Dierking is apparently following Rob Braun out the door at WKRC in Cincinnati: https://www.wvxu.org/post/cammy-dierking-leaving-wkrc-dec-leaving-station-without-2-main-anchors#stream/0 This opens the door for the station to overhaul all its newscasts - which frankly, is needed. WKRC is incredibly stale compared to WLWT, which is informative, yet has high production value.
  15. And according to Cleveland.com, he might be anchoring the 11pm news on Fridays??! Dear lord. So - they've ditched Chris Tye and Tom Meyer for Jay Crawford and Mike Polk?! I wouldn't be surprised to see Monica Robins out the door soon as well, as the writing seems to be on the wall for veteran talent at WKYC. This is prime time for WEWS and WOIO to get competitive with a news-intensive strategy.
  16. After watching the video, I'm pleasantly surprised to see how polished his wife is. This has the potential to be good - but I fear the production value may hold it back...
  17. True that. I’m still sad Andrea Cambern “retired” - and it’s been 7 years.
  18. Not to speculate, but I could see her basically replacing Tracy Townsend (and presumably her hefty paycheck).
  19. I’m assuming because she’s been retweeting from the Ohio Dept of Agriculture...much like Kocot and the Department of Natural Resources. And...I didn’t know about the vacant weekend position. I’m assuming Karina Nova doesn’t want that gig? (I think she’s the rising star in the WBNS Tegna era, if she sticks around.)
  20. Within days of Kocot. But it looks like they both landed gigs with the State of Ohio. (See Twitter...)
  21. Former WBNS anchor Andrea Cambern posted publicly about it... Betting the mood is somber today on Twin Rivers Dr...
  22. WTOL has let go of its news director. “Not related to the new ownership...” https://www.toledoblade.com/local/city/2019/06/05/anthony-knopps-out-as-wtol-news-director/stories/20190605117 I am surprised by this, particularly since he came from WTVG.
  23. WLWT news anchors Sheree Paolello and Mike Dardis are married... https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cincinnati.com/amp/1305327001 I started watching the WLWT live stream when their engagement went “viral” - and I must admit, their chemistry is apparent on air.
  24. It would be nice, but I don't see it happening. With them going 'cheap' with Sara Shookman after Kris Pickel left, they could've had their chance to hire someone with more experience to co-anchor at 6 & 11 pm. I do think this is the opportunity to rethink their entire newscast team lineup. (Including mornings...) Deep speculation - but could this open the door for Russ Mitchell to go back to New York? I see the Jay Crawford hire as more of a potential Russ Mitchell replacement (a la Rob Powers on WEWS) than a Jim Donavan replacement. I think they're grooming Camino for that role.
  25. Finally a 5pm for WKYC! Hate to enter speculation territory (but I will...) - my money is on Betsy Kling having some sort of regular anchor role. They're using her to anchor regularly now, in addition to doing the weather and cleaning out the office refrigerators. Even with such a deep bench of anchor talent (Jim Donavan, ex-19'ers Lynna Lai and the underrated Danielle Serino, plus folks like Monica Robins, Leon Bibb and Robin Swoboda on standby), they use Kling a lot. But surprisingly, she's really good at anchoring. (Better than Sara Shookman, IMO.) On another note - it's kinda sad they'd drop Chris Tye for Jay Crawford, since Crawford has to be commanding more of a $$ than Tye.
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