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  1. So, that LITERALLY did not last long. Effective Monday, he’s back on the air. But he surprised (understatement) the entire morning team just a bit ago.
  2. Up to now, I thought the Beat was just a promo. They adapted it into an actual news theme?
  3. No fanfare. Tom Randles is gone from WSMV. I think there’s something in the water at Meredith corporate. (Edited to link to Randles’ profile)
  4. WSB made it official. Jorge will anchor the 5 and 11 (THE Nightbeat), while Justin Farmer will keep to the 4 and 6. In other Cox related news, David and Peggy up in Pittsburgh marked 30 years anchoring together; and here in 9-Ville, Greg and Vanessa are back together for the 4:00. Again. (In addition to Nancy Alvarez joining Vanessa for the noon, and the morning news now starting at 4:30)
  5. https://www.wfsb.com/longtime-wfsb-family-member-and-friend-denise-d-ascenzo-has/article_0af2fa40-1954-11ea-b1f8-971f2a9eccbb.html
  6. #MeanwhileInOrlando, another departure from the Big Red 9.
  7. World News Tonight Sunday with Sam Donaldson, followed by WLS’s Eyewitness News. 8/31/80
  8. Well, Bob did it before, when he joined Martie for the noon on his last day. Who's to say he won't give an encore performance?
  9. Meanwhile in Orlando, after 40 years, it's Martie Salt's time to go gently.
  10. Per TV Guide, it’s still status quo here on the Big Red 9, unless they say anything different.
  11. The tower at WKMG studios is 400 feet. As I’m posting, somebody is scaling those feet. https://www.clickorlando.com/news/man-climbs-tv-tower-at-wkmg-in-orlando
  12. 84% of the stations owned by Hearst.
  13. Am I the only one that thinks they missed a good opportunity to reintroduce the steamboat whistle? (And steamboat footage in the back of the 5 logo?)
  14. https://www.wbtv.com/2019/06/07/wbtv-end-each-broadcast-day-with-national-anthem/
  15. WDSU’s 50th anniversary, Dec 1998.
  16. (Insert “TO....ooooooronto’s News!” voiceover here)
  17. “Everything you need to know, because anything can happen in New York.” WCBS 11/13/85, with Rolland, Michele, Warner, and Dr. Frank (featuring commercials). https://youtu.be/79o8jXVeTEI
  18. Page Six, so remember to take it with a grain. They're reporting that Gayle is staying (salary raise and all), and with a new anchor lineup. (Anthony Mason moving to weekdays, and correspondent Tony Dokoupil joining them). Dickerson will move to 60M, while Gayle demanded Norah O’s exit as part of the negotiations. What’s that mean for Norah O? It could be her dreams of manning the Evening News could come to fruition. “Monster anchor” job, they say. We’ll know more on May 14th.
  19. What works in Orlando may not work in Chicago
  20. #MeanwhileInTampaBay, after close to 25 years of working for WTSP, Mr Reginald Roundtree just got... let’s say, cut down.
  21. You remember that commercial shoot I mentioned at WKMG? Where I met everyone? They're chunking up a good amount of promotional blitz for it. If you take a look at their youtube, you'll get to see some of the people News 6 'got results' for. They'll be featured on Sunday's ad, and the ads going forward. And here's the behind the scenes stuff. [that one features me. I'm the one holding the phone recording Troy and Lisa recalling a story about his new car.]
  22. Entertainment Tonight’s 10th anniversary.
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