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  1. It is a bit odd that Fred's debut will be in late June, and yet a formal announcement has been made in early March. I'm guessing he's finishing up his current contract? Also, it wouldn't surprise me if Keith returns to mornings and Johnny becomes Fred's primary substitute.
  2. When Brittany Shipp comes back from maternity leave, it will bring some stability back to the First Alert Weather team. I am surprised Steve has not filled in M-F and another meteorologist (from Telemundo) fills in for him in weekend evenings.
  3. If they ever had a plan with Rick and a co-anchor at 11, it went out the window when Monica left.
  4. I've noticed that Rosemary has been solo anchoring mornings so far this week. Perhaps Keith, Erin, and Lucy are all on vacation? And I think having Frances and Johnny on weekends would avoid this situation in the future. While it would be nice to have another anchor paired with Tracy, 10 has a strong anchor trio in Tracy, Jim, and Jacqueline.
  5. As I was watching David Murphy's tribute for the morning broadcast, it really is an accomplishment that the morning team of Matt, Tam, David, and Karen have been together for 17 years. And IIRC, they were the permanent team that succeeded Rick, Monica, and Cecily in the mornings. Here's the link of David Murphy's retirement on 6abc.com: https://6abc.com/david-murphy-retiring-is-when-action-news-retirement/10971435/ And David Murphy's last broadcast at noon today was posted by PhillyNewsLover's YT Channel, with tributes from other members of the AccuWeather team.
  6. With David Murphy and Karen Rogers, it's very rare to see other meteorologists, especially Cecily and Adam, fill in during weekday mornings.
  7. Looks like NBC 10 made the switch to Look S Thanks to PhillyNewsLover for the montage!
  8. I happen to be watching them this morning when the announcement was made. Here are my takeaways: Congrats to Vai on his retirement! They really went out of their way to say that today was not a farewell tribute for him. I think they're going to have something big planned as he retires at the end of the year. I'm looking forward to watch Tracy in the afternoons again and paired with Jacqueline and especially Jim. In the FB Live chat this morning, Keith mentioned he's been with NBC 10 for 8 years now. It was odd that it wasn't mentioned in the announcement that he started in the mornings, then a few months after Jim arrived, Keith and Vai swapped shifts. Could part of this lineup restructure be a result of COVID financial circumstances? Because I can see them sticking with Tracy, Jim, and Jacqueline for the afternoon/evening/late night newscasts. It wouldn't surprise me too if 10 hires another anchor to join them.
  9. Jim is anchoring the 11PM news with Keith. Has this happened before? If it has, does it happen on occasion? This is a first for me seeing both of them anchoring a newscast together.
  10. I thought I was the only one. Something just didn't click when I watched her. Also, early in her time in Philly, I think I heard her refer to Center City as "Philly Metro".
  11. Spotted this Inquirer article on my FB feed and my jaw dropped. Meteorologist Tammie Souza out at NBC10
  12. A wonderful tribute by Jamie Apody remembering Gary Papa's 10th death anniversary yesterday. https://6abc.com/sports/10-years-since-i-said-goodbye-jamie-apody-remembers-gary-papa/5353144/ John Clark, along with Cecily, and Jim Gardner (I'm sure there's more but I follow them on Twitter) had Twitter posts too remembering Gary. https://twitter.com/JClarkNBCS/status/1141377244260130824?s=20
  13. I guess the succession plan in place for the past 15 years might not happen after all. Sad to see her go, but wishing her well in her new chapter. I only started watching Rick and Monica once they were in the 5PM, but I can imagine their pairing played a major role in shaping Philly TV news in the mornings.
  14. With Rosemary, she deserved to be promoted to a weekday newscast for some time now. I was hoping she or Denise would become Keith's co-anchor at 5 before they hired Erin. I'm not sure if she's been reporting in the 4-6 PM news block, but that was on my mind when Rosemary began anchoring the 11AM. I think the reason why Keith and Erin only anchor the 5 and not the 11AM newscasts is both contribute as reporters (I'm sure about Keith, but don't know about Erin) for the 11PM newscasts.
  15. Just watched the first newscast posted. Here are my takeaways: -I like the effort and intended purpose of the newscast, but the execution seems off. You can tell that they were going for a lighter feel with "all the information that you'll need" but there were just way too many people coming in and out of the newscast, with Ukee in the first block, and Jessica in the 2nd half hour, just to recap the headline. Natasha and Alexandria (I know Natasha is) are both more than capable of handling the news. -Part of the execution is if they are going with the lighter feel with information overload newscast, then I'm sending sports (with the Eagles) and HealthWatch are going to be major components of the newscast. Why not integrate Don and Stephanie in the newscast itself... Part of the reason (besides ratings) why 10's All That & More with Tracy back in 2006 did not work out was the program had a purpose when Cherie Bank was integrated with health news. But I think that was around the time she had her medical condition began to affect her too. -That's too much having Ukee and Jessica popping in the 4 PM newscast when they do 5, 6, 10, and 11 PM newscasts. -Is it just me or am I hearing them refer to the program as CBS3@4? Do they not want the program to have the Eyewitness News brand? -6 has had the 4 PM Newscast for 7 years now and I think they've perfected the balance between hard and soft news by now. 10 has been going hard news at 4 (especially with 20 minutes non-stop A Block) for at least 5 years now. With CBS3@4, I expect both to follow this... "you do you"
  16. Just throwing this out there... it's been 10 years since the Larry Mendte/Alycia Lane drama.
  17. Ultimately, I guess it depends on how stations prioritize their weekend newscasts now, compared to 15-20 years ago. 6 makes sense to have Walter and Sarah on Sundays, with 5PM (? not 100% sure), 6, 10 on PHL 17, and 11. 29 having Lucy and Ian on Sunday-Thursday makes more sense now, especially this fall with TNF on Fox. While writing this, I just remembered that Denise was paired with Chris Cato a few years ago and that pairing was great. It IS a good question why she has gone solo since Cato was moved to mornings.
  18. It's about time Rosemary was promoted to weekdays. I would have been perfectly fine if she was paired with Keith at 5 when they were searching for a co-anchor a few years ago. At least if either Vai or Tracy is off, Rosemary can easily sub for them, instead of moving one of the morning reporters to the anchor chair. By the way, 10's morning reporter depth is deep... I think they have 4 that work the morning on a regular basis. With the way weekend evening newscasts are constructed now, it makes sense to just have Denise doing it.
  19. I think HulkieD discussed this a few years ago, when 10 refreshed its set with the window video wall behind the desk. Yes, back in 2000, the set was a two-story, but I think elements of that set was removed by 2004, to make room for the massive Earthwatch set. From then, until the new HD set in 2008, the massive weather set was shown pretty extensively, even to the point where stand-up shots were sometimes done there. When the HD set was built, that massive weather set shrunk, and with the First Alert Weather walls addition a few years ago, that original weather space back in 2004, had been greatly reduced.
  20. I saw Ann's guesting at CTM and it's nice to see her back on air again. I'm looking forward to watching her series/documentary because it showcases Ann's strength as a journalist... that is her genuine care for people and their stories, through tragedies, crisis, and triumph.
  21. It currently is a possibility now that Tammie is Chief Meteorologist. If the management thought that it was time to reduce Glenn's working hours and he wanted it as well, I don't blame them. Besides the fact that Glenn was Chief Met for almost 15 years and a good 5-6 of those years, he was doing 4-6 PM Newscasts, 10 PM on WPHL, their 11 PM Newscast, and throw in a year or two of the 7 PM News on NBC 10's sub channel. Plus, Bill Henley has been doing the weather for their morning news since the mid-90s. I can imagine it must have been an easy job for him back then with morning news being only 30 minutes to an hour at most. From there, it expanded to 2 by the early 2000s, and eventually 10 getting into the 4 AM start time. It must not always be easy doing a 3 hour newscast that starts at 4 AM, and sometimes be asked to sub in for the 11 AM news. That is why brining back Brittany Shipp makes sense. Plus, who knows, it might be another succession plan in the works as well.
  22. I knew I wasn't crazy when I saw them promoting this in their morning newscast
  23. She was great when she was a freelance meteorologist for 10 and when they hired her full-time. With Sheena and Erika gone and Glenn no longer having the chief meteorologist title, I don't know how I feel about 10's weather team. Hope they do well and continue to produce great meteorologists like they've done in the past.
  24. I don't blame him for slowly lessening his workload. He's been with the station for at least 20 years, and chief meteorologist for at least 15. There was also a time too when Glenn worked the 4, 5, 6, 7 (on NBC Philadelphia Nonstop), 10 (on PHL 17), and 11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe I've seen promos for the 11PM newscast and the station is promoting Jim, Jackie, and Glenn & Tammie together. I guess it makes sense now with the change in the station website. If 10 is going low-key with this transition, then I don't blame them for doing so. Remember back in 2002 when Bolaris left and Glenn was elevated to Chief Met and how hyped that handoff was?
  25. Makes sense WCAU would return the favor. I think it was March 2016 that WCAU only had 3 full-time meteorologists with Glenn Schwartz, Bill Henley, and Sheena Parveen (now at WRC). At that point, Bill, the morning meteorologist was on vacation, so Sheena was filling in for him. In that same week, Glenn was out sick, so they had to rely on NBC O&O meteorologists from WNBC, with Dave Price, and WRC, with Doug Kammerer, coming to Philly for a few days to help out.
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