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  1. I vote for "NBC Nonstop". It works on all fronts including the "now-ness" feel, news and editorials.
  2. Why does this have to be a "thing"? HD Viewers aren't missing anything. Letterbox is a drag to watch because everything is smaller.
  3. You know what...I like it. Wondering what else is to come and curious to see what others have to say about that promo.
  4. Wow! (That's an oh boy, put on your rubber boots because this could be a shit storm, "wow") What I find most interesting about this is the reaction comments on Facebook. The people are soo straight forward and down right will say if they hate it or love it, and they have. Like anything this will take some time to get used to. Some of the people surely noticed a huge change. Comments include: "Wake up every morning to you guys....but the promo is kinda weird...like everyone is freaking out on a coffee rush....it's way over the top, just tone it down a bit." "Love it. Different from the usual tone of your promos, but cool nonetheless. Love ABC news." "Cheesy" " I just threw up a bit in my mouth. Can I get that minute back that I just wasted?" "Bring on the excitement, wonderful, great job Team ABC 7!!!!!!" "You paid for that?" "U could have come up with a better song." "wow - very modern style promo; excellent!" "Ha...we'll give you a couple minutes of REAL news and then the rest of the time we'll fill in with reports of make-overs, summer fashion, cats stuck in trees, and weather, weather, weather, oh...did I mention weather?" "Reminds me of intro to windy city live." "My Lord its like a LAXATIVE commercial." "If you're up@ 4:30am you don't want all that noise..liked the old softer, more dignified version better. The new version is obnoxious and annoying" "I like everything except the music!!!!" Wow! Hold on Boys and Girls!
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