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  1. A friend of mine texted me. I didn't believe it. Sam was just on yesterday! RIP Sam, I watched you since day one.


    Life is too short. Tell your friends and family you love them. Take the vacation. Take the risk. Tomorrow is not promised.

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  2. Unfortuntately, this is a full circle moment for Susan. She has covered stolen vehicle pursuits and became a victim. Looks like her car will be ok. It sounds like she wasn't on duty, but was attending an event. I think this might be more common as reporters and photogs don't always ride together...not always common practice in LA.



  3. 3 hours ago, JTT said:

    The station has been showing KTTV Fox 11 News at 5 weekdays for a while now at the same time with KTTV.  KCOP is also airing news at 11am and 11pm.  They're showing highlights of Good Day LA as well as repeats of West Coast Wrap during middle of the day.


    Why are they airing repeats and highlights of old news when they can just continue with the 11am crew throughout the afternoon until 2:30 or 3pm and try to compete with KTLA?

    You answered your own question. There is absolutely no way they can compete with KTLA...at least in mornings/midday.

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  4. KNXT (now KCBS) 11pm newscast- June 1981. A few things to note...


    • Not a single live shot. Not that it's a bad thing, just shows the evolution of TV news
    • Weathercaster is off, anchor man reads the weather headlines and temps very briefly at the end of the show
    • Jim Hill, a giant in LA TV news/sports is still going at it to this day.
    • Jess Marlow was another giant. He would leave KNXT to go back to KNBC a few years later
    • Marcia Brandwynne left for KTTV a few years later. She later became the AND at KTLA and was also the EP of the KTLA Morning News for a time as well.
    • Orange County reporter Dave Lopez featured in the clip recently retired, but still active on social media.



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  5. Poppy and Phil will be fine. I believe Poppy was going back to school for an advanced degree before she took the morning anchor gig. This may allow her time to re-allocate her focus elsewhere. Phil was serviceable as an anchor and only filled that position for a short time. He will be back in the correspondent ranks soon enough.

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  6. On 1/30/2024 at 5:17 PM, JTT said:

    I heard something happened to Rick Dickert?  I hope he's OK.



    When did KTTV and KCOP management decide that they wanted bring back news to KCOP?

    To the latter question- FOX TV stations management have issued a directive to expand news at the O&O stations. I have included a link for Good Nite LA below. Not being negative, just realistic...I wonder how long GNLA will last before it transitions into FOX 11 News at 11. Does anyone remember the ill fated Studio11LA with Laura Diaz and Christine Devine? That is now FOX 11 News at 5pm.



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  7. 21 minutes ago, bogusabc7breakingnews said:

    Is it just me or is Megan Telles annoying af? I don’t know what it is about her, but I either mute the TV or change the channel when she’s on. 

    I agree. She's decent on reporting, but I usually turn it off or on mute if she's anchoring or entertainment anchoring.

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  8. KTLA's coverage has historically been top rated. They do a lot of BTS and lead up stuff on the Morning News the week prior. There is also a 6am Rose Parade kick off show.


    There was controversy a few years ago when they dropped hosts Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks in favor of Michaela Pereira and someone else...can't recall who ATM. Stephanie was brought back the next year. Stephanie and Bob have since retired. New hosts Leeza Gibbons and Mark Steines have done a fantastic job over the past few years. 


    KTTV used to have local coverage, but it never held a candle to KTLA.

  9. Pedro Rivera is leaving KTLA on January 8 after a short run. The announcement was made on the Morning News today. Sounds like it was his choice as he has family on the east coast. Pedro was brought in from Sacramento (KTXL Fox 40) to co-anchor the 4pm and 5pm shows. He was later moved to the weekend Morning News to stabilize that show after the Mark Mester/Lynette Romero fiasco. He still anchored 3x/wk at 4pm and 5pm. Not sure how KTLA will fill the hole. Will they still have the new person anchor the weekend morning news and 4p/5p 3x/wk OR have one permanent male anchor on weekend mornings and a permanent anchor at 4pm and 5pm with Samantha Cortese and Cher Calvin?

  10. 15 hours ago, MediaZone4K said:

    Something I've noticed on WNT as well as NNN. After the synagogue shooting in Albany, NY, none of the networks had time to send their reporters there as it happened so close to their broadcasts. Instead of presenting the stories from the newsroom or studio, ABC had a reporter standing on some unspecified street with a heavily blurred background and a locator graphic marked "New York". 


    At least the background on NBC was more visible and the reporter is infront of what looks like a synagogue --- which they didn't bother to specify.


    It's perfectly acceptable to stand in front of a synagogue in Manhattan to talk about anti-semetic incidents across the country. But to have the background be indecipherable and ambiguously  labeled "New York", without specificity for state vs city gives an almost deceptive sense of presence.


    I like the "portrait mode" effect, but it defeats the purpose of a live shot if the audience cannot see what you are standing in front of. Nothing to die over, small critique.


    Going to play devil's advocate here. I have seen these type of graphics before. I feel that ABC News was trying to convey that the correspondent was reporting out of the ABC News "New York" bureau/HQ. I don't think it was meant to be misleading.

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  11. SIAP....Dani Ruberti joins KCBS/KCAL from Fox13 Utah. I had my TV on KCAL and looked up at the weather. I was shocked to see Dani as I know she was popular in SLC. I was unaware she had SoCal roots. The link below says she will cover WX at 6, 8, 10 and 11. Not sure what happens to Evelyn Taft or if she will go to 4p, 5p and 9pm.


    https://www.adweek.com/tvspy/dani-ruberti-joins-kcbs-kcal-in-los-angeles-as-weather-anchor/251127/#:~:text=Dani Ruberti has joined Los,my heart for journalism started.

  12. 1 hour ago, ATLNewsExpert said:

    That's a big deal for WANF, especially since Blair already has a sense of familiarity with Atlanta viewers. It seems that is WANF's strategy (even as CBS46), get big names from other markets instead of promoting their own to the anchor chair permanently (most recent example Rick and Shon, I know Rick was from CNN, what about Shon?)

    Rick was from Fox News Channel. Shon was at WCBS, among others.

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  13. It will be a palate cleanser/transition from the late afternoon NFL games to Sunday Night Football during the fall. Viewers will finish their games on CBS/FOX, take a quick peek at KTLA for quick local headlines/weather for the week then off to NBC for SNF.

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  14. KNBC moved from Burbank to Universal City around 2014/2015. The outgoing set has been in use since then. There have been minor tweaks and upgrades along the way. I'm currently looking at sister station T52 to see if they have moved to the newsroom as well. They operate out of the same facility. They are still in their studio, but it does look a bit diferent to me. Not sure if they got a new studio first, then moved on to KNBC.

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