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  1. ESPN posted a sizzle reel focusing on the new SEC on ABC package, and I think we're definitely getting a new ESPN College Football scoreboard. It's interesting, giving me the more compact vibes of the basketball one at least. I can't see them being exclusive to SEC games (the existing package, except for the scoreboard, aged pretty well)



  2. The Rickwood MLB game has a black and white version of the "retro" graphics from the Field of Dreams games, which still looks nicer than their normal graphics imo.


    Meanwhile Copa America, as usual for Fox, is using their default soccer graphics.


    However, it appears that Fox finally has new default soccer graphics, replacing the 2017 rectangles. TUDN and TSN (Canada) are both using completely different scoreboards, with TUDN recoloring their stock one blue and white to match the tournament branding, and TSN using the world feed



  3. A side effect of Golf Channel's changes is that their bug is now in the lower-left for both Golf Channel and NBC golf coverage. Which now gives you an awkward gap below the leaderboard graphic because it was positioned with the assumption of the bug being there.


    Meanwhile if the US Olympic Trials coverage are any indication, some form of the college football graphics are now NBC's default



  4. Missed this during Spring Training (especially given that our Sportsnet carried the PIT feed on this game), but Sportsnet Pittsburgh has unsurprisingly commandeered the NESN Red Sox graphics too. The only difference being that the blueish tint on the NESN version was made dark grey like the Bruins/Penguins graphics.



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  5. I don't expect any major changes in graphics for the Super Bowl since they are so intertwined with the CBS corporate brand now, but refreshed elements are definitely not out of the question.


    This feels like a mock due to the account having posted it out of nowhere after inactivity. But at the same time, CBS has played follow the leader with NBC before (the current scoreboard has been a clone of NBC's 2015 one since 2016), and a circular hub could definitely match up with the eyemark animation element.

  6. In a move surprising absolutely no one, SportsNet Pittsburgh has been downgraded to the NESN graphics. Seeing that tiny thing without "BOS" somewhere is a little surreal, but when you have 80% of the package done already because the Bruins have the same colors...



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  7. The NHL preseason has begun, and we've already got Monumental's new graphics



    A little big for my liking, but it's pretty much just a flatter version of the ESPN one so there's nothing revolutionary here.

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  8. I don't know when this happened, but Fox's NHRA coverage actually got new graphics. They had still been using the 2017 graphics for a while (though, to be fair, they had lagged in adopting them, and some of the inserts/3D graphics still had leftover elements of the 2014 graphics in them) and I was personally expecting that they'd get a variant of the NASCAR graphics. But these actually look a little different. 



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  9. On 6/1/2023 at 9:01 AM, nycnewsjunkie said:

    Yeah, MLB clearly had well-founded contingency plans for this scenario, and it’s impressive that they were able to put something that polished on the air in such a short time. Honestly, even if the Padres find a permanent OTA/cable partner, I could see MLB continuing to produce the games.

    Indeed they did.

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  10. The Belmont Stakes has its own bespoke graphics package, which is surprising because I thought they'd be dragging out the old black rectangles for it.


    And shockingly it's not huge and in your face. It's very green and gold with shades of the World Cup, and the old US Open theme music strikes again.

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