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  1. Promos from WTVQ, NewsChannel 36 in 1992.
  2. WLEX anchor out. Huge jump to Chicago. http://www.adweek.com/tvspy/lexington-anchor-to-join-weekend-good-day-chicago/165487
  3. Something like that. That is two that has left for DC in the last few years. Good jump for sure. She will do great there.
  4. WLEX is losing a meteorologist to DC. [MEDIA=twitter]706086971865608192[/MEDIA]
  5. A video and pictorial history of WTVQ-36, formerly WBLG-62 in Lexington, KY. Many people have been a part of the Channel 36 history and this video pays tribute to those that have been a part. Removing 62 transmitter and installing the ch. 36 transmitter Ice Storm 2003 Analog cutoff.
  6. Some news clips from WKYT, WLEX, and WTVQ in the summer of 1993.
  7. So Belo and Sinclair had a baby and this is what you get?
  8. For sure, it was a lot of purple. Graphics, set and website. Purple.
  9. Just noticed this one. I wonder who copied who. WSDU or WLEX. WDSU open from 98 WLEX open Both had a triangle theme.
  10. I've looked myself but can't find any... Anyone have any or seen openings from WTVQ, WKYT, and/or WLEX 1990-1995? I've got some on YouTube from Mid 90's to Mid 2000's. Thanks
  11. I still wonder if WHAS-11 will get the "Gannett" look even though they are owned by Gannett/Sander Holdings Company. Same look, same set, same music since 06 and still not in HD.
  12. Yeah WKYT seems to be a step behind WBBM/WBZ.
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