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  1. I am sure they will adjust this as time goes on... Maybe some tweaking of the colors to make it match the Scripps blue, and the shadow with the floating TV could be corrected as well.
  2. WKYT is about to launch soon!
  3. WKYT seems to be ready with some designs already out there on social media.
  4. Agree, both WVLT and KWQC look fantastic. Little disappointed at how WAVE turned out. I think WKYT/WYMT will end up looking good. I could see WYMT having some green-ish/teal colors would work with that color scheme to be slightly different from WKYT.
  5. To me, it just doesn't go with this flat graphics package.
  6. Move this if this doesn't belong here, but from Scripps to Morris now to Nexstar. https://fox56news.com/station/the-lee-and-hayley-show-is-moving-to-fox-56-wdky/?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=socialflow&fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTAAAR2VmC7Zb56FaDnTT5d6ERMmzTv7IA4IaLrIb9Tc22CadaWnsXNgovX6j2w_aem_ATq8-sMbjuDMxMvbr7b2x3J1GGwGUlwT6qUuIcppjMN3jdt5TEknHxBLKGaYZ1c_somzI0UTdQ-r8jNGCb7Hw9fD
  7. I keep waiting on Scripps to ditch the LEX18 name and just go with 18 News or something like that.
  8. I didn't think this topic would be posted on anymore, but here we are. Another new logo for WTVQ.
  9. For me.... I always wanted WTVQ/Morris to be bought up by Hearst, but now it's WLEX/Scripps for Hearst. It wouldn't work for WCPO and others. I really thought Scripps would make WLEX even better.
  10. Of course, they spelled the "dot" on the graphic. Calling it FOX 4 makes it seem like their main channel will be 4 and CBS is on 4.2, or 4 dot 2.
  11. This is how I can tell WLEX is using the scrippscast. The peacock isn't in color. No temperature either.
  12. I've noticed WLEX looks to be pre-taping its 12:30 and 4 p.m. newscasts.
  13. Wonder if WLEX would be a part of the "smaller" market.
  14. Didn't WOAY re-brand as TV50 for many years going with their digital channel, then the station went back to channel 4 even though they are on digital channel 30.
  15. I just noticed this on twitter. "Scripps News Norfolk". Is that how they are telling other stories from other markets?
  16. Not too far off from KATC's set. Is this the Scripps cookie cutter design? Was kind of hoping that would be a new Scripps graphic package on the anchor desk monitor but keep dreaming.
  17. Didn't know Hearst was still looking to buy stations. Hoping Morris is next on their list. But should be good for WBBH!
  18. The newer logo will debut tonight after the Oscar’s. A promo.
  19. I’d be okay with a Scripps Weather other than JTV.
  20. Former WKYT anchor Andera Walker (99.9999% sure it's her) is joining WDKY FOX56 10PM News. Her non-compete ends around that date.
  21. Lexington was blessed with UHF only channels in the old analog days, so big channel numbers is what we got.
  22. The sign outside has been updated.
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