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  1. WVEC is launching a 4pm newscast beginning September 8th.
  2. If anybody is interested I posted the open to News 8 at 5 with the new gfx.
  3. Just watched the livestream of KVUE, looks like there is no new graphics today.
  4. How come it seems like WHAS is playing their old "Newschannel" cuts for their bumpers?
  5. Since the old Hearst thread got locked. I decided to make a new one where you can talk about anything Hearst. Let's hope this new thread doesn't get out of hand!
  6. You know news is serious when Ed Harding has his glasses on
  7. Anybody know about this theme http://vimeo.com/85380186, . Have a good feeling it's Video Helper
  8. Check out ABC7's facebook page, people are commenting crazy because ABC7 stuck with severe weather coverage instead of airing "Once upon a time" EDIT: As of 8:25, they went back to regular programming
  9. Tracy's 7 Day looked a little different today on the ABC7 to go webcast
  10. I am guessing this week because of the new fall season. Just my guess
  11. How come when i view the stream of the regular newscasts it looks like this. The hd quality seems downgraded. The picture was from a couple days ago.
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