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  1. Whoopi started The View explaining they had no writers because of the strike, which was evident because the normally elaborate open was only like 30 seconds and simply mentioned they would discuss hot topics and the voice-over wasn’t specific, like normal.
  2. WTEN (Albany, NY) will start at 9am newscast on 9/12. They will now air live news from 4:30-10:00am. This makes it the longest live morning news in Albany. I wondered if this would happen because WTEN aired Dr. Oz/Good Dish at 9 and picked up Sherri for 10am and there isn’t much new syndicated content they could have put at 9am. The promo says meteorologist Jill Szwed and morning anchor Stephanie Rivas will anchor (it doesn’t appear Ryan and Christina who Stephanie anchors with from 4:30-9:00 will anchor the new broadcast).
  3. This is what they did. Joy tossed to commercial and then it was just Joy and Sara. The show ended up being mostly audience questions, which was actually great to watch!
  4. But it was then revealed they were actually negative. What a wild show.
  5. I honestly don’t understand why they don’t try to put more News Nation programing on FOX/CW affiliates that Nexstar owns. Wouldn’t it be the best way to promote the network?
  6. Yes, I saw in in the promo they released last week: I thought the same about it looking like the original logo, though with the 25 there, I want to read it as “The Iew” …I wonder if a version of the original theme makes a comeback too.
  7. “Also down the road may be a streaming version of NewsNation.” https://www.nexttv.com/news/perry-sook-84-of-the-country-has-no-earthly-idea-what-newsnation-is The fact that this is not the priority RIGHT NOW is the problem. So, if you have brand recognition but people don’t get the cable channel what’s the point?
  8. In a Instagram live with his wife, Al said they didn’t believe they would have as much access to the olympians, I also feel I heard this elsewhere too (maybe some of the Today show XM podcasts). The thinking is that they would only be able to zoom interview the olympians. So, for planning, they thought the show would be boring and only planned for 1 week it sounds like.
  9. The changes continue at WNYT-NewsChannel 13 in Albany. The channel has no official morning or 11pm newscast now. Interestingly, from what I understand, the ratings haven’t suffered drastically. https://www.timesunion.com/kristi/article/Paulina-Bucka-leaving-WNYT-after-four-months-16350250.php
  10. I noticed WTEN doing it at 6pm, and the actual channel numbers to find News Nation on.
  11. I actually liked Dan’s show on MSNBC back in the day. I just don’t understand how this channel can be successful without a streaming option…why is Nexstar putting all this money in a cable channel? I mean can’t they at least offer it over the air to it’s affiliates sub channels?
  12. I thought the same, biggest change since Lydia was let go. I wonder what it will do to long term ratings in the long term?
  13. I’ve often said this before, no focus on digital or streaming. I will say WTEN does often does online only (political or entertainment) specials but there’s not a station wide focus on digital.
  14. Do any other ABC stations (on the east) start The 10 Commandments on at 8 instead of 7? WTEN has ALWAYS done this, so the 11pm News won’t be on until 12:44 and it is Sam DiMascio’s last night anchoring, she is leaving to be with her family.
  15. I’m actually surprised Nexstar doesn’t have a nightly program across the state, now that they have an affiliate in every market. Empire State Weekly (from WTEN) airs on the weekends across NY. A 5:30 show called Empire State Tonight would seem logical on all NY Nexstar stations.
  16. This I don’t know why Nexstar doesn’t have an app for Roku, etc where you can watch your local Nexstar station and the News Nation broadcast. CBS is doing it very well and they must make a profit to continue it.
  17. Probably the worst View logo they’ve ever had in my opinion and I didn’t think they needed to change the logo. https://logos.fandom.com/wiki/The_View
  18. I was going to say Nicol and Christina have been on the constant on the morning news. Sad to see her leave. Hope they pull from within for the third anchor.
  19. I noticed NBC CT started a weekly kids show? Any other NBC O&O doing this? Seems like a great idea during this time and looks very well done, 2 episodes are on their YouTube page, the guide says it airs Fridays at 11:30.
  20. Also interesting the old and new WTEN logo are there. The old one was used for a live shot yesterday.
  21. This is a really good take on WNYT and even if you look at the new set they got a few years ago, it still resembles the old one in many ways and I do wonder how long before it starts to look dated especially with what WTEN & WRGB have. The lack of WNYT produced content on WNYA is shocking compared to what the others do on their sister station, though they do produce local sports shows on Saturday AM highlighting college sports teams for WNYA. Outside of this, their newscasts still place a much greater emphasis on national news than what WTEN produces, where 98% of the time national news/politics isn’t covered. The 2 new meteorologists will split Saturday and Sunday mornings and during the week, which is about the same shift Greg had before he left, according to posts from WNYT on social media.
  22. WRGB got these today. Not so sure about the chimes they’re using in between stories. Handful of negative comments on their Facebook page too. 000DCCAE-041B-4CC8-9B83-9AB758041250.MOV 52200541-08CF-4876-AF8A-1D646BFBF2D9.MOV
  23. I noticed this today too in a promo for the sports team and a proof of performance promo. His voice sounds so fresh and new.
  24. I saw this too and I have to assume it’s because ratings must’ve been so bad for their 10pm on My4 that they decided to put a newscast on when there’s no other competition?
  25. Regis was just on The View last week.
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