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  1. The only weather branding that held over many decades to TODAY is at WPVI-TV (ABC) Philadelphia when they contracted with AccuWeather in the 1970s. They marketed AccuWeather as only on Action News mercilessly LOL and people in Philadelphia WILL say to this day "AccuWeather says ..." Also, the predominate all-news radio station in Philadelphia, KYW, used AccuWeather as well - so the two news outlets with the highest ratings stuck with that branding FOR DECADES and it worked. But this is a anomaly in local news - 6Action News is as Philadelphia as the sports teams. Starting fresh today - no-one cares about First, Next, Doppler, etc. Pour the money into social ads, streaming, etc.
  2. Roll back to the KCBS(CBS)/KCAL(IND) merger in Los Angeles many years ago as just one example ... they were told the same thing about separate brands and "the power of 2" with two helicopters (now there's just one shared one with KTTV (FOX LA). These "duopolies" make no sense unless both stations are blended and staff cut .. so it's gonna happen - it's a matter of time. First, newscasts WILL be shifted so they don't compete, reporters will appear on both stations (Learn to turn the mike flag in live shots or look for a new "San Diego News" overall branding) and then the producers and writers will blend. It's just a fact of today's local news realities ... take what Nexstar is saying with a big grain of salt and be ready to adapt. Two sets yes ... for now. It's jobs that will disappear unfortunately. Also, the Times of San Diego article is a bit wrong ... KFMB (CBS) is NOT a CW affiliate - they program CW programming on a digital sub carrier ... It's likely that will end and Nexstar will yank whatever is left of the CW for KUSI.
  3. I think Lynette has a great presence and NBC4 is lucky to have her. It was HER choice to leave... she was treated fairly and even asked to stay with negotiation as has been leaked. She took a new role best for her AT THE COMPETITION. PERIOD. Nothing else is owed. Admittedly, there could have been a warmer recognition of her departure (re: the choppy statement Sam Rubin was initially given to read on-air) so loyal viewers saw she was respected BUT it's a business. What is really happening here is a newsroom in flux (which ones have not been at some point) is having their internal negativity known to the viewer. All talent has the right to do is their contracted job. KTLA's problem is they let their newscasts become personality driven even off the morning hours ... now that leads to problems when trying to apply rules and standards.
  4. Also, it's been reported that KTLA's popular anchor Courtney Friel (FTV Live) will not be renewing her contract in September ... any guess who the primary female anchor on the new KCAL morning show will be?
  5. In reference to the KCAL announcement - the new national CBS management has recognized what viewers in LA know - the CBS2 news brand has been so damaged since the early 80's it was was time to play on the remaining strength of the KCAL brand for breaking news and power of their 8-11pm news. CBS will get to count the numbers for both airings of the national news on CH2 and get local news revenue for KCAL from 4-11. Sure, it's a risk but give CBS national the benefit for FINALLY trying something new with the duopoly. It's a bit late given the shrinking broadcast audience but let's see how they integrate the stream and social media. NOW, with powerhouse KTLA in the same block and the weak KTTV with the rest of the numbers, how long with CBS hang in for a good demo? See you in September!!!
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