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  1. Probably not shutting down - they've been adding new shows to the cable feed - but rather leaving OTA for cable (and streaming?) only. This TV, on the other hand, is likely doomed. They've been losing even more affiliates since the (then-)Tribune stations dropped it for Court TV, and the loss of carriage on ABC's O&Os to Charge may be the final straw.
  2. Assuming AMG itself even cares about This TV anymore. The network has lost a massive chunk of their carriage over the past few years, and I've heard speculation on other forums that it's probably not long for this world. If The CW is truly bound for WDIV, it'll probably replace This TV, even if Graham has to pay off Bryon Allen.
  3. Scripps is dumping The CW from its stations.
  4. ♪ Boot salad yummy yummy ♪ At least some of the commenters are calling him out on his BS.
  5. Jesse Jackson wants the deal done. Kinda late for that...
  6. In other CW news, their website has added a FAST (free ad-supported television) service. Apparently, it's in beta, and not on the app, and there's only 12 channels, over half of them from Scripps, but it does gel with past mentions about wanting to expand The CW's streaming footprint.
  7. Speaking of which, they've hired Range Sports to help with CW Sports.
  8. And Kevin Adell's chance of consummating his deal to sell WADL has gone from jack squat to jack...y'know.
  9. You act like anyone, even Fox, gives a crap about MyNetworkTV.
  10. I guess Nexstar didn't want a repeat of the WADL mess, hence no Mission this time. Apparently the Londens were far more amenable to such a deal than Kevin Adell.
  11. I'm sorry, all I can hear is the sound of a tongues scraping across the soles of boots. All joking aside, how is allowing far off corporations to control the country supposed to promote localism? For that matter, how the hell is any of the consolidation that's happened over the past several years done anything but screw over the little guy? I'm no fan of big government myself, but this recent change is one of the few I've completely agreed with, and before you point to "market realities" (I don't think you know what that word means), let's not kid ourselves; a lot of the wounds the broadcast industry has suffered over the years have been entirely their own fault (iHeartMedia and Sinclair say hi), and things like retransmission consent and reverse compensation have served little purpose than to further alienate the consumers they supposedly speak for.
  12. Given Weigel once ran Univision on WCIU, this is a bit of a full circle deal.
  13. And here comes the crybabying defense squad. Hilarious that they think that allowing local monopolies would make them "compete better", rather than, y'know, just making the situation worse. How's iHeartMedia doing right now?
  14. The FCC may be about to cut the low power and multicast loopholes regarding Big Four ownership.
  15. Tegna's taking their Twist diginet behind the shed, gun in hand, at the end of this month.
  16. Based on the article and the companies' respective market values, it looks more like WBD would take over Paramount should the deal come to fruition.
  17. The Advocate is reporting that WVUE is talking with the New Orleans Pelicans to air a small selection of games. This is apparently a result of a one-year deal Diamond Sports signed with the NBA to allow teams to offer up to ten games on over the air stations in exchange for staying with Bally Sports for the season. Basically testing the waters that the Suns and Jazz are already swimming in (along with the NHL's Golden Knights and Coyotes).
  18. I suppose he explained this so people would see his point of view. In reality, he just looks like more of a moron than ever. Especially since he flat out admitted that he wanted nothing to do with The CW in the first place, and only let WADL affiliate with it because he was planning to sell. Then why the hell is he whining about WMYD taking the affiliation he specifically said he didn't want in the first place????? EDIT 11/27/2023: And he's got Jesse Jackson and the families of the original African-American investors to back him. Somehow.
  19. The FCC is considering an incentive to boost local programming, specifically news.
  20. That source also says that NXT plans to stay on Tuesdays, but is willing to shift if the network says so, which would depend on whether The CW is willing to move Inside the NFL.
  21. I've already got the answer. NGL, I Kevin kinda blew it here. I get that the FCC wasn't eager to greenlight the sale to Mission, but demanding more money from Nexstar in the age of reverse compensation cost WADL dearly. On the other hand, the fact that Scripps was willing to sacrifice what might have been eventual prime time space for the Tigers/Pistons/Red Wings if/when DSG goes belly-up suggests they can be talked into keeping The CW on at least some their stations.
  22. The link's down for whatever reason, but looking ahead on the website's schedule, which uses TitanTV, does support this. I clearly saw The CW programming running in prime time from 11/13 onwards; it also shows MyNetworkTV programming moving to 11 pm, after the news.
  23. I already knew they were airing Seattle Kraken preseason games on KONG-TV and select San Antonio Spurs games on KENS, so this honestly doesn't surprise me. Oh, and the Mets on WCCT, but that was grandfathered in from the former Tribune ownership. Most of what they list are either NFL teams they have preseason rights to or teams with limited coverage that doesn't include live games, but with DSG in deep doo-doo and the Colorado Rockies presently homeless due to AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountains going belly up, it's obvious that Tegna's keeping their eyes peeled.
  24. I wouldn't be shocked to see that design appear in more markets. Scripps has publicly stated that they plan to pounce on more regional sports rights should Diamond Sports Group reneg on anymore deals.
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