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  1. I was surprised to see Savannah in the studio this morning. I guessing she decided to come home for a couple days to see her kids (11 or 12 days a long time) and repack and get 'homework' Queen state funeral next wee. .
  2. With Hoda and Savannah both testing for Coovid there will probably be no party or celebration this year. Even if they were there it likely was not gonna like in the past (40th, 50th, 50th) where all the former anchors and hosts show up, etc.,. There will probably bee a few clips montage I imagine but nothing major. They were all suppose to appear at The Paley Center this week on Thursday but I notice this morning the page has been taken down.
  3. I thought World News was in 2nd?
  4. I was kind of arise to hear this. after the controversy that led to his exit from Nightly in 2015, he had reinvented himself at MSNBC and form I heard one of the higher rated shows on MSNBC. I guess he was ready for a change. PBS is another possibility. Would Brian actually be willing to go to CBS and become the anchor of CBS Evening News? He would be going up against Nightly News. That would be like Tom Brokaw going to ABC to anchors Worlds News Tonight when Diane left. But I guess you never know, Ratings would improve quit a bit though, possibly even overtaking ABC. I doubt he leaving to go to CNN (obviously not Fox) unless they offered him insane amount of money money then MSNBC was offering. Otherwise why leave one Cable Primetime show for another? Or maybe ABC. that where everyone seem to be going.
  5. I have been reading reading Katie Book and enjoying it so far. I suggest people ignore what has been written about it and read it for yourself. Context is important. People will read things as they want to sometimes and make assumptions. Not sure what Deborah beef is? Hopefully, she will read the copy for herself that Katie sent. Katie actually has nothing but kinds things to say about her and is even sympathetic about the whole transition and the way it was done and how Deborah was portrayed. Same with Ashleigh Banfield., Katie never criticize her. or says that she tried to sabotage her career. The only time Katie mentions her is something her father said (which was not bad at all). Of course he going to think no is as good his daughter. Katie does says sometimes she felt like had to protect her turf which is reasonable dafter seeing what happened with Jane and as she got odder. However, she never says (or hints) that she intentionally sabotage a career in order to keep her own. She never (that she wrote) ever acted cruel towards any them or mistreated them. Seems they going by what others are saying (as I said above) who are taking the words and turning into something it actually not. I sure Robin,, Savannah and Hoda are all protective of their jobs at time. Who wouldn't be especially in that business? I remember when Robin went on sick leave in 2012 when she has MDS ABC sent out a warning not jockey for her spot. That women who guest hosted were only filling it temporally
  6. I agree. Katie Couric alluded to this the other night on the Late Show. Diane became World News Anchors 3 years later and did fine. Although it was in a solid 2nd place when she got there, it stayed there. But Diane also did not have the Perky label like Katie. DI would argue Katie is better then David. I owner if she has joined 10 years alter and went up against David if maybe she would have done better rating's wise? I Want to add that viewing habits are hard to change. And then there 24/7 Cable News (and Social Media), which has became more in recant years then ever. NBC and ABC ratings have dropped as well. Yes. The transition form Brokaw to Williams in 2004, (nd I might Couric to Vieira on TODAY in 2006 in which NBC went outside the network and took her away form ABC), was almost ridiculous because of how smooth sailing those transitions were. Those shows stayed in their first place spot. Very seamless. unfortunate some NBC more recent transients have gone over as well.
  7. It interesting isn't it? They are number 1 in Daytime, Late Nights, Primetime Newsmagazines shows and Primetime in general. So why does it seem like they always struggle in Morning News (aside form CBS Sunday) and The Evening News? You know it must be driving them nits. Dan Rather was in 2nd place (I think?) in the 1990s. My first thought is Not enough stability since he left. There been 4 Co-anchors since he left 15 years ago. That a new anchor about every 3 years on average. My second though is problems or issues internally that maybe hasn't come to light.
  8. I think she does better with the hard news stuff. It the lighter fare (unless of course she interviewing her idol Katie), where I think she struggles sometimes (especially cooking segments). This is where Hoda does a better job. I do think she has grown a bit more into the role since Matt left. About Katie book: Despite some of the negative attention it has gotten I do plan on reading it. I watching her interview last week on TODAY and was thinking that I would rather a person who writing about their life is honest and not peachy about everything and pretends they liked every person that ever met. Cause that not possible. I think we et too use sometimes to these "nice nice"" memoirs.. Context is also important nit just bits and pieces that is given to us
  9. Interesting. in 2009 and 010, Ann Curry, Natalie Morales,, Savannah Guthrie, Amy Robach, Norah O'Donnell and Erin Burnett were al either seen as potential successors to Meredith on TODAY Show or were rising starts in the industry. Now Savannah has been TODAY Show Co-anchor for 9 years, Norah is now the anchor of CBS Evening News, Amy is the co-anchor or 20/20, Erin has a primetime show on CNN. Ann Curry is doing documentaries on PBS. . Natalie? Will she now on the talk.. A "View" wannabe copycat is way more gossipy and celerity oriented. What happened? well et be hoses here she has never really been seen as a hard news journalist. A lot of that is probably the fault of NBC. They never really treated her fairly or gave a lot of hard news assignment. She never fit on access Hollywood. The reason she ended up in L.A is because her husband got a job offer. Things were changing at NBC. So they decided to take it. In order to keep her at the network they gave her Access Hollywood and made her West Coast Correspondent. Kind of like Ann "senior correspond" role she didn't do a lot with it so probably a little more then Ann. You at least saw Natalie periodically on the show show whether in L.A or NYC. I don't think NBC really knew what to do with either nd with Ann thee was a lot of awkwardness after what transpired.
  10. Certainly. Foreign reporters and journalists are mostly confined to their hotels and sets. Unless previous Olympics they really can’t go out and explore like they been able to in the past due to COVID. Savannah was in Tokyo fir 6 days before the opening ceremony. Seeing as she and Hods have young kids they probably didn’t want to be away for long.
  11. Savannah, Honda and Al are back in New York
  12. Well for starters: the entire American TV Viewing Audience has dropped as a whole. Morning Shows is not the only genre or day part that has seen it ratings drop. Sunday Shows, Evening News Shows, Daytime Shows, Late Night and even Primetime have seen ratings slip as a whole. There is of course a lot of options now then there were 10-15 years ago and different ways to watch to watch tv shows. With Morning Shows people can live stream on tablets, computers, phones, etc,. Without having to turn on the TV. People can now DVR and of course wait until full episodes of morning shows are posted online to watch them. Not including Sporting Events and major news events TODAY Show has not averaged 6.5 million viewers on daily basic in at least 20 years. 2.4 Million is not unusual for CBS although not to recently they were getting 3.6 million on a daily basic the best a CBS Morning Show had ever done. Morning Shows ratings always tend to drop in the summer and then recover some of it lost viewership in the fall. However I do think COVID is to blame for more recent lost viewership. I think people are “Covid-out” tbh. That and the Election has practically been the only thing these shows have covered over the last year be I know they were the two big new stories last year but for many weeks Covid was non stop. I think people got tired after awhile and had no interest in watching the host do the show from home and celebrities (far on between” doing virtual interviews also from home. Also the constant coverage on Trump and the 2020 Election (some of which might be bias depending on your viewed) has probably turned some off. People are Covid fatigued and Election fatigued. TODAY and GMA were averaging 3.9-4.5 (1980s average) million before Covid hit. When life finally get back to 2019 normalcy and covid is thing of the pass and the shows get back fully to normal I think they will recover some of their lost viewership. Of course it won’t be 2000s or early 2010s level. these shows have always lighter side however they gotten even more fluff over the last 15 years or so. Also the way the fluff is presented has changed. If that make sense
  13. Yes. Her last public appearance was in 2016. she is currently confined to to her apartment and allows almost no visitors except for close family. Very sad! Her family and manager had not made a public statement about it. Biggest dictator is that last year Sheri Sphered and Jenny McCarthy made comments last year suggesting she not doing well. A Big indicator of her deteriorating health was the death of Hugh Downs and Regis Philbin this year. She and Hugh had been friends and working partners for 50 years or so. She was also very good friends with Regis for decades. She did not make any kind of statement on either of their death and no statement was ever put out on her behalf about their death.
  14. About TODAY Show 70th anniversary. We may end up only with Jim Hartz, Tom Brokaw, Jane Pauley, Bryant Gumble, Deborah Norville, Katie Couric and Meredith Vieria showing up. Huge Downs died this year. Barbra Walters has Dementia and is not doing well. She may not be around by then. If she alive she won't be able to attend anyway. I be surprised if Matt showed up. He may not even be invited at all which is a real shame (but I guess understanble) as he was on the show for 23 years of which he was co-ancho for 20 (during which for most of the time the show had it greatest Ratings and longest streak at Number ), and was a face of the TODAY Show for the better part of the last 12 years he was there. I could see Ann curry being invited but whether she decide to attend is another question. There is now a whole new management (couple times actually) in place at TODAY Show and NBC News since 2012. . Depending on how much of an issue COVID is by then it may be scrapped all together however experts are predicting that life will (hopeful!) get back to pre COVID normalcy by the end of next year. It could also be a more scaled down affair form 2012. Certainly any type of celebration and whoever shows up there will be that "elephant" in the room. Ann removal and Matt firing.
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