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  1. 47 minutes ago, Geoffrey said:


    I'm not entirely sure that would have worked. Robin's show did not have the political and international focus that the main network has. While it might have been refreshing to see CNN getting back to reporting more than three or four topics an hour, I don't think they would do that. 

    I do see your point. However I would argue that CNN has failed in the mornings for 20 years and so maybe the lighter flair of Robin would have led to something more successful than what CNN has been doing. I’m sure robin could be serious if the situation called for it. 

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  2. 5 hours ago, kdex86 said:

    First it was Nexstar.


    Then is was Tegna.


    Now Cox Media is the next station group to potentially have a dispute with DirecTV.

    Source: https://www.nexttv.com/news/directv-and-cox-media-look-set-for-another-retrans-standoff-as-station-group-accuses-pay-tv-operator-of-attacking-local-journalism


    WFXT was running a ticker during syndicated programming alerting viewers of a potential blackout:



    a reminder that Cox has been in dispute with dish since October 2022. Don’t expect a quick settlement 

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  3. yeah - the talent opens aren't that good. The transitions don't match the music and it's too busy / crowded. Why WABC insists on holding onto them I'll never know. They did the same thing with their 2012 package, butcher a good open by cramming talent shots into the open.

  4. 1 hour ago, SoCalLocal said:

    Remember when The WB and UPN Merged and they chose Hi performing stations like Nexstar's predecessor Tribune and CBS' Stations groups? None of the FOX Owned UPN stations in larger markets from the Chris Craft/United Television stations after the company bought it didn't get the CW and they started their network. It flopped 3 years later to become a syndication service and become a shell of their stations and twin-stick with their FOX O&Os. 


    I am curious how the CW will last. If It was Tribune, they would pull the plug on the CW. One of the executives at the Tribune was threatening not to renew their contract with the CW because of their performance.

    remember when Tribune rebranded all of their CW stations to deemphasize The CW affiliation? It’s never been a ratings winner and never will be 

  5. 11 hours ago, mouseboy33 said:

    they are almost entirely airing the CNNi feed anyway. CNNi is a shell of its former self. Most of the legacy anchors and reporters have left and its down to a few hours now. Zucker & Co really dropped the ball with CNNI and HLN. Focusing entirely on US politics have really destroyed CNN brand and IMO the other channels has been left to flounder and die and other channels have moved into their spaces. THere are loads of 24hr Streaming channels in the US that replaces what HLN used to do for decades. And CNN international has effectively been shelved and replaced with BBC and AJE.  Sad Really. I dont think this bargain basement MAX effort will help do anything help them gain any traction. Its all just sad to watch this legacy channel flounder this way. 

     And sadly with bean counter Zaslov in charge it’s highly unlikely that CNNi will be able to recapture any of its former glory 


    the gutting of HLN is the most bizarre to me as you could easily make a low cost operation with repeated or repeating news on rotation. Total failure of corporate leadership and lack of vision. 

    Sometimes I really wonder how different things would be of Ted had never sold to TimeWarner 

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