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  1. It's Fathers Day Weekend, may not be easy as it sounds. Joe Witte was brought in for a few months in 1980-1981....did not apparently go well. He was replaced by Valerie Voss, who had worked at CBS Morning News in 1980 for four months before being replaced by Gordon Barnes. Voss was fired in January 1982. Gutsch worked part time in July 1982 talking about lunar events. He was such a hit in July 1982 in the ratings that they signed him in September to take the spot.
  2. You'd never know he left. (This is from the 5 PM Saturday broadcast) The last photo is from Liberty Weekend's ending on July 9, 1986.
  3. Dr. Bill Gutsch is a distinguished astronomer and astronomy professor at St. Peter's University. From 1982 to 1988, he was the weekend meteorologist and Storm Field's backup meteorologist. He also was a science editor for Channel 7 and worked for GMA and the old World News This Morning. He came to WABC from Channel 13 in Rochester. He was ultimately another victim of the Applegate regime that got rid of Roger Grimsby and let a whole host of others go or leave. His replacement was go figure, Sam Champion.
  4. Sam Champion, now Spencer Christian. Does Veronica Johnson, Dr. Bill Gutsch or Storm Field want come next? I kid, I kid.
  5. Just a minor note. Alex Ciccarone and Miguel Amaya, the two community journalists, have had their bios added to the website.
  6. That was more my thought, though Diana's already scaled back to working only 5 pm and just some fill-ins. (I admittedly wish she'd take over 12 with David)
  7. It could easily be no one. If it's true, we'll see where he fits.
  8. On top of that, as I've suspected for a few weeks now by Diana Rocco's return in freelance and Naveen's studio work on weekends, she's now full time. The bio site confirms it. https://abc7ny.com/about/newsteam/naveen-dhaliwal/
  9. Yeah, that's the main reason (cash cow). AM America/GMA, Today and CBS' plethora of attempts were started in the 1950s, 1970s, et al, when access to information wasn't as much.
  10. It wouldn't be out of line to send all of them packing. (GMA, CBSTM and Today.) We have so much local news, especially in the bigger cities. They cover national news. Local news from 4-9 on a local level may not be a terrible thing.
  11. I absolutely loved Scott Pelley on CBS Evening News. I thought he was a good face of the news network. I think he had the right demeanor you had to have for a job like his. I mean, he's not Jennings/Brokaw/Rather/Trout, etc, but he is a damn good reporter and newsman. 60 Minutes fits him well and so did the CBSEN
  12. I am rather sick of CBS playing games with the lineups. That said, 60 Minutes gaining Dickerson will be great to help with what has been an up and down lineup recently. If they do put O'Donnell in Glor's place, hopefully Glor could join them. As for the pop-news, I agree with you. GMA has gotten way too festivally for me and hard to watch. The adding of Strahan didn't help my opinion of that.
  13. Keep dreaming on that magic. Kaity seems happy at Channel 11. With Scripps coming in, I doubt she'll leave. Scripps are good people.
  14. Yeah, this is all digital, but I mean, she's still technically a member of the Eyewitness News team.
  15. Newest member of the Eyewitness News team:
  16. For the first time in over a year, Diana Rocco has returned to WABC, presumably freelance.
  17. See, it still seems to alert some here, especially in the Bill Evans situation, where it basically gave it away. Also, they fixed the promotion material for 3 meteorologists now.
  18. It's strange. Sam Ryan is now in the promotional material, but she still has no bio. Is she playing a permalancer role here?
  19. Congrats to Shirleen, who is pregnant with baby #2.
  20. They just had a ~5 minute tribute video. I hope they post the full interviews, but we got in no particular order: Al Primo, Roz Abrams, Geraldo Rivera, John Johnson, Doug Johnson, Sam Champion, Bill Ritter, NJ Burkett, Tim Fleischer, Diana Williams and Jim Dolan basically be the narration of the group. The voices of Roger Grimsby and Bill Beutel are the intro and the outro. Also were various shots of the late Will Spens, Gloria Rojas, Milton Lewis
  21. 12PM today had clips of Geraldo, Roz, John Johnson and Sam Champion, supposedly more coming at 5.
  22. The Dr. Jay Adlersberg one was aired during the 5 pm hour. I just screenshotted my online stream.
  23. Then this today. Not used to Dr. Jay without his glasses.
  24. Look who it is...Roz Abrams. [MEDIA=twitter]1063126149814013955[/MEDIA]
  25. Simple as this, as someone who has a Masters in History, and has been unemployed for 18 months, I would kill to be an archivist for them. However, this is just lazy, and unfortunately, it's not unheard of laziness. There are things I'd kill to see: Beutel's last newscast and the WABC actual tributes (not the Jeffrey Jolton one they ripped off). Grimsby's last broadcast from 1986. So on and so forth.
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