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  1. https://abc7ny.com/eyewitnessnews50/?sf201979949=1 It's in here. Again, since I posted last night, more YouTube ripoffs. Like seriously.
  2. More posts, more from YouTube. The only ones I can't find on YT are the Bill Evans piece and the 9/11 5 pm video.
  3. Not as good video, but Sandy Kenyon's comes with audio: [MEDIA=twitter]1061014973705535488[/MEDIA]
  4. The sense is a lot of this is the stuff on YouTube, which isn't unknown for them recently. Hopefully they dig out some stuff not on YouTube
  5. I know the format is November 17, 1968. Just poor wording. They have more history stuff coming.
  6. It is not today. It is November 17. Not to mention the video says 1969.
  7. Still no bio on the website but I did notice for a fact that the Weekend Sports Reporter job posting has been gone for a while.
  8. Yeah, this is killing me. Kaity Tong and Howard Thompson are the 2 at WPIX I respect the most. Who is going to be the hard worker for New Yorkers not named Arnold Diaz?
  9. She was indeed a pier diem freelancer. Candace McCowan replaced her I think before ending up getting the promotion.
  10. Last update was back in September. [MEDIA=twitter]1036811743895449600[/MEDIA]
  11. So, something interesting, be it very grotesque, on tonight's news. Channel 7 covered a grotesque murder of a mother in the Bronx. Then, Josh Einiger noted that this family had dealt with an issue like this before. They flip to video of Jeff Pegues and Liz Cho from 2006 covering it, when the victim's mother was brutally murdered. While it is nice to see Jeff Pegues and Liz Cho get a throwback moment, man this was creepy.
  12. I've been unemployed for 15 months, one of the many things that's kept me busy.
  13. Let's not forget a bigger anniversary if you ask me: November 17 is the 50th anniversary of the Eyewitness News format thanks to Mr. Al Primo. I've been working my brains off on a spreadsheet of every non-freelance staff member in WABC history since 11-17-68. It's been an insane amount of work.
  14. It would seem like Sam Ryan is freelancing, much like Andy Field. The posting is still up for the Weekend Sports Anchor and she's not on the website.
  15. [MEDIA=twitter]1013898661783396352[/MEDIA] Not to mention.
  16. Don't know if this was noticed, but Candace McCowan is no longer the per diem reporter. Her face is now on the website newsteam and I guess a full-fledged member now. http://abc7ny.com/about/newsteam/candace-mccowan/
  17. Been back at 11 for weeks. Not doing 5 yet.
  18. The music's fine. It's not Cool Hand Luke. The set is also fine. I mean, do we need to refresh everything every 6 years? This type of set ages really well.
  19. The anchor lineup is fine. I'm not the biggest fan of Shirleen Allicott, but it fits. I'd love to have Diana do 12 & 5 since Shirleen took Lori's spot in the morning. Otherwise, nothing wrong with how it is.
  20. Negatory. Still either Dave, Bill, Lauren or Sandra.
  21. I doubt Steve Bartelstein will ever see a newsroom again.
  22. It's normal policy for the free lancers. They did the same with CeFaan Kim until he got promoted. May seem disingenous, but fans are normally not checking the newsteam page for such a thing.
  23. Wasn't a coincidence. She posted on IG that she was moving out of her UWS walkup.
  24. There was a span of 8 weeks a year or couple years back in which Jim Dolan was not on the air. I remember it.
  25. Not the biggest update, but Bill and Lee did a nice thing for Sade who would normally be at the tree. [MEDIA=twitter]936420683822895105[/MEDIA]
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