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  1. There’s a shameless ripoff of WNYT/KMOV’s intro near the end of this video:
  2. How can we forget the iconic WNYT set? This was the news set of my childhood, lasting from 1995-2018.
  3. A WNYT newscast from some point in 1993 (there’s no audio, unfortunately)
  4. WNYT in 1991! Featuring Ed Dague, Chris Kapostasy/Jansing, Bob Kovachick, and Bob McNamara. Also a brief appearance from a young John Gray.
  5. Wildfire coverage from the now defunct Orange County Newschannel
  6. A special treat courtesy of the American Archive of Public Broadcasting: Here’s a Ten O’Clock News report from WGBH in Boston, followed by outtakes of Vincent Price for PBS’s Mystery! program. https://americanarchive.org/catalog/cpb-aacip_15-rn3028pt70
  7. An amazing find courtesy of one of my new favorite channels on YouTube! Here’s a brief portion of local Glens Falls, NY cable station WNCE’s nightly newscast, featuring two future legends in Capital Region news; Lydia Kulbida (under her maiden name Lydia Zaluckyj) and Mark Mullholland, both of whom later ended up at WNYT together.
  8. A WNYT newscast from sometime in March, 2003. Features John Gray (filling in for Ed Dague) and Lydia Kulbida as anchors. Howie Altschule is the weatherman, and there’s also a “Skiing Weatherman” report from Herb Stevens at Stowe, VT. Unfortunately, the tape ends before we get to Lars Lifrak’s sports report.
  9. WOKR 13 in Rochester becomes WHAM on January 10, 2005
  10. Man, those late 90s Ackerley Group graphics were so good! Here’s some from WIXT (now WSYR) in 2001. And here’s the music that went with this package! It’s a Frank Gari production, I think. As a bonus, here’s the station in 2006:
  11. Some breaks from Katie Couric’s last day on NBC. Includes several weather reports with Paul Caiano that have those mid-2000’s WNYT graphics that I miss so much, and there’s also an Elliot Spitzer campaign ad.
  12. An episode of The Early Show from the day before I was born!
  13. Let’s travel back to New Year’s Day, 1975. KNBC aired a special looking back at the year before, hosted by Jess Marlow. Here’s some of it:
  14. A look at WNYT in 1991, right after they introduced their “Live, Local, Latebreaking” slogan that they used until 2009. As a funny coincidence, one of the commercials here is for the movie “Billy Bathgate”, which filmed in the Albany area.
  15. Something I’ve been waiting to see again for ages now: a mid-2000s WNYT newscast!! It’s not complete, unfortunately, but it has someone I thought I’d never see again, John Allen! I actually got to meet him in 2006 when my family was featured on the news.
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