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  1. Also - before Tamron Hall, that studio was the former home of The Chew.
  2. Not a fan. This seems like a step down from everything they've done since as far back as 2014.
  3. Any idea if they plan to at least have the anchors in the cities? I mean, it wouldn't be difficult to put a Televator and a PTZ in front of a monitor and fibre it back to the stations. That's what CBC and Citytv do up here (and one CTV2 station).
  4. Haven't paid much attention to WNT in a while. I used to like the curved video wall made up of flat panels. Thought it was creative. I assume in the left hand side of the first photo, those panels and backlit elements are hiding a pillar?
  5. I don't think Peladeau is going to ever come back to English Canada.
  6. I could see them literally take the green triangle 'V' from the CTV logo and use that as the logo. As for the news, you are correct. Currently, they offer a program called 'NVL'. Here's the description from their website (translated from French) "News in a dynamic newsletter that offers you a different and effective way to keep you informed about local and national news." The program itself is a 30-minute show broadcast twice a day with news read by an unseen announcer with music underneath. They seem to have some videographers - the show is produced out of house by a company called Attraction Images. At one point, the news output was produced by staff at a company called '@DN5' - they produced 5-minute inserts. They were also a company that supplied news and advertising content to out-of-home locations such as malls and other publicly-displayed screen so this is a step up. They did also do local content but that seems to be gone now. V did have a morning program previously but now it seems to be filled with 3 and a half hours of nature scenes, or as it's known "slow TV" https://noovo.ca/articles/5-raisons-dintegrer-la-slow-tv-a-votre-vie
  7. Technically, Bell Globemedia (a predecessor) held a 40% share of V's former incarnation, TQS (with Cogeco owning the majority 60%). The ownership was lost when TQS filed for bankruptcy and was purchased by Remstar. One would assume that with Bell would restore local news to the V owned-and-operated stations and re-launch an in-house national news department.
  8. There is a Studio C - but who knows what that could be used for (something similar to the news nooks at 30 Rock)? The reason why I suspect why there might be two control rooms/studios...have they kept their local news operation (MI News 26) up and running? Also - where's master control?
  9. I've seen the Helvetica box pop up on occasion - but more recently I've seen the box come back but with TSN's preferred font choice. Just for a reference, here's a quick look at what TSN's graphics have looked like since 2016:
  10. Grabbed a few screen caps of TSN's new bottom line. They kept their own font instead of using Helvetica.
  11. I think there's gonna be a rebranding/refresh really soon, lol.
  12. Just watching "The Weekly" - which is a current affairs show hosted by Wendy Mesley on CBC (and presumably CBC News Network). Wendy was the primary backup and dedicated Sunday evening anchor during the Peter Mansbridge-era of The National and led the show during the transition to the new format. They've been on the air for a year now, using Studio 55 at the CBC - which is also known as the home of The National. Here's a few caps/photos. They change the colours around to suit their look (orange and teal vs. dark blue) which I am quite a fan of. They also borrow the graphics from The National - albeit with a different colour for the font. I've included a few photos from The National just for a comparison.
  13. Actually, yeah. It would've been a much better replacement for HLN. But I guess someone's watching Forensic Files
  14. Mods, I mistakenly put this in the wrong thread - this probably should've gone to chat even.
  15. Players Only-games have returned to NBA TV. The commentary crew is based in a slightly redressed and re-lit Studio J watching via monitors and seated at the Inside the NBA desk. I know in the NHL, each broadcaster is required to feed clean feeds back to the league (and they presumably onpass these feeds to the NHL Network), I would presume that's how NBA TV gets their feeds as well.
  16. Just saw a clip of coverage - I'm not sure if I like the little 'Playoffs' tab being added to drivers in the running. I'd like to think there's a better way to mark that.
  17. And we may not have gotten their current look which is one of their best. Regarding ESPN, I predict they're going to tweak the font on their MLB coverage next year. If they're trying to give every show a different look - and it's clear they are - I feel they'd probably let SC keep Helvetica and move MLB to something else (the rest of the show changed this year). Just a feeling I have.
  18. We can all agree that they basically just changed the "C" to have defined edges?
  19. I would have to wager Fox News has a fibre link to the O&O master hub in Las Vegas or fed their control room feed to WNYW who then piped that to Vegas. As for WWOR - the license still dictates a studio presence in Secaucus - that being said at this point it's probably just a sales and creative services location. The studio and control room may be mothballed at this point. If they've gone automated at WNYW for their control room there's probably a small chance anyone there has stepped foot at WWOR. I think I read they did some uplinks from there (the controllers may be in NYC somewhere) - for all we know it might just be a glorified sat. farm at this point.
  20. I wanted to see how they have been "handling" it but haven't been anywhere near a TV (particularly that day).
  21. The first incarnation was operated by Channel Zero. Original programming consisted of an hour-long show at 4pm ET, first titled The Daily Brief and later Bloomberg Markets: Canada, hourly updates during the business day and a nightly show produced 3-5 times a week called Bloomberg North. The rest of the day consisted or simulcast programming of the US service and it maintained the same on-screen data heavy format. Channel Zero pulled the plug in Sept. 2017, claiming they couldn't start a radio version of the operation in Toronto. To their credit, they did try and apply for one of the few remaining FM licenses in 2012 to no avail. I didn't hear of Channel Zero stiffing them on their severance pay (look up CHCH-TV if you haven't already).
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