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  1. I bet Cheryl Scott and Larry Mowry are happy with this move. But, what they should have done is a 9pm hour-long digital newscast with more news and less gossip to compete with WGN and Fox 32. Also will the 7am stay the way it is or will it get cut to a half hour also? I feel the 7am should stay the way it is since it has more completion and the style is more appropriate in the morning.
  2. With most of the weather team off this week. Phil Schwarz returned to fill in at 5pm and will do the 7pm and the 10pm. It's nice to see Phil return to fill in. While Mark McGinnis has been filling in for Tracy since Monday. Jaisol Martinez did last night by herself and will probably fill in for Tracy Thursday and Friday.
  3. Mark went back to weekend mornings this past weekend with Karen Jordan anchoring in the evenings. If he doesn't get the weekend evening job, I can see him bolting later this year as when Ravi is off, Mark only does the 5pm and Rob takes the rest of the newscasts. Also, as of this morning, Val is officially the third full time anchor of the 6am hour with Tanja and Terrell. She will likely be the main fill-in for Tanja and Terrell on the other shows as well, which also another reason Mark Rivera might bolt.
  4. Mark Rivera is co-anchoring with Karen Jordan tonight, it's not official according to Mark's social media posts. Most likely a test to see if he will do well on weekend nights and get more weeknight fill in time. As for this morning, Christian Piekos filled in for Mark and Cate C filled in for Samantha Chatman with Mark McGinnis filling in for Jaisol. Christian seems most likely to succeed Mark Rivera if he moves to weekend nights.
  5. Weird weather schedule today, Jaisol did the morning and 5pm shows and now Larry Mowry is doing the 10pm. Greg Dutra must have needed off last minute because the usual weekend fill in Mark McGinnis would have done it. I feel like Greg Dutra gets more days off than Tracy Butler, who has been there for almost 30 years and Greg almost 4.
  6. Btw, Micah Materre has been out since early February due to having back surgery. I hope she's doing well and can be back anchoring soon. Do you guys think Tom Skilling will cut back his schedule until his retirement or retire at the hours he has now?
  7. Is Eva officially off Weekend GMA and possibly a contender for GMA3. If so, her and Gio Benitez should get GMA3 and be the main fill ins on the main GMA and give the transportation correspondent to someone else. Whit Johnson and Janai Norman should fill in on weekday GMA more than Linsey Davis. Not a fan of Linsey's anchoring.
  8. Have you guys notice the quality of the 10pm newscast has gone down recently? They rush through the weather, especially Cheryl has too much slides at 10pm and they give WAY TOO MUCH time to Cheryl Burton and her ditzy childish comments. Plus, if Jim Rose retires this year, who gets the lead sports position, Ryan or Dionne? Plus, Christian Piekos filled in for Mark Rivera this past Saturday and has the same mannerisms and charisma as Mark. He can easily slide in there and Mark gets paired with Karen Jordan(who should have a weekday spot) on weekend evenings.
  9. Ed is moving to the streaming morning newscast and 11am on weekdays and most likely be Laura Bannon's main fill in. I guess that means Robb Ellis will do double duty on the weekends. Also, I don't think anyone has mentioned this but, Robb has hinted a couple times that he splits living in Chicago and Indianapolis which explains the weird schedules Albert Ramon worked when Laura Bannon was on leave for a family matter.
  10. From Rob's twitter header. They're promoting Ravi with the rest of the 10pm team like when Cheryl Burton had from 2003 to 2018. Rob was never officially given contributor anchor from 2018 to 2022. When Cheryl Burton is off, will Ravi fill in and make it a 2 male anchor team or will Judy still be Cheryl Burton's main fill in.
  11. Weird weather schedule today. Tracy did her the morning and 11 am newscasts as usual. Then Greg did 4pm, Cheryl did 5pm and will do the 10pm, Larry(who had been off for a long weekend since friday) did the 6pm, and Jaisol did the 7pm. All 5 meteorologists on different broadcasts. Fun Fact, Tracy is the only meteorologist at the station who's been there before the year 2000. 1994 to be exact.
  12. Phil's last weekend is next weekend and then Greg takes over the first weekend in March. Jaisol starts her weekend morning shift next weekend as well. They have been transitioning Greg to Phil's schedule(Sat-Wed) since Jaisol arrived. I wonder if Phil is going to get a weekend send off and then a final send off on his last day?
  13. So I'm guessing Greg is taking Phil's spot on weekend evenings. After you said that Greg could succeed Tracy, I really though Greg would keep weekend mornings so his schedule wouldn't change that much when that does happen. Also Greg rarely fills in during the evening newscasts now, even with the 7pm newscast so, giving him the weekend evenings will give him more chances to fill in at 10pm when Cheryl Scott and Larry Mowry are off.
  14. With Cecilia Vega jumping over to CBS, Fridays are now open with Robin having Fridays off and Amy still suspended. I think Eva and Janai can take turns fill in for Robin. They can also fill in for Michael since Tj(Michael's main fill in) is also suspended. Also, is Lara Spencer back to full time or part time still? It seems like she's back to full time.
  15. Jaisol Martinez made her debut on the digital newscast tonight. She seems solid but it was the digital newscast so it's hard to tell. Phil offically retires March 1st so, Jaisol will most likely fill in until he leaves and then she takes his spot on weekend evenings. It's been 1 year since the digital newscasts debuted. The morning one is perfect but, the 7pm(aka the stream team/golden hour/hour of power) is not my cup of tea, but that's my opinion. Also with the 7pm newscast, Cheryl Burton's ditzy behavior is rubbing off on Rob and Greg affecting their other newscasts as well. Mark Giangreco is right about her, she is ditzy and should not be the lead anchor and Rob Elgas shouldn't be the lead anchor as well.
  16. Tj and Amy still haven't returned to GMA3 yet. I feel that the co-hosts of the main show are not to happy with them. Also do you guys think that the network is keeping them off the air so they have to end their affair?
  17. I want to like Greg, but I'm having a hard time liking him. I do agree of him succeeding Tracy as he rarely fills in for Larry and Cheryl. Also, is there a reason why there's no one that has the "chief meteorologist" title. Cheryl has the position to have it or do they want Cheryl Scott and Larry Mowry to be seen as equals?
  18. I just saw the digital newscast, Phil Schwarz is leaving which wasn't surprising though. I'm going to miss him and his weather quizzes. But, he said he might fill in, so a semi retirement. I wonder if Greg gets weekend evenings and Jaisol gets weekend mornings?
  19. New meteorologist from WHDH in Boston. I wonder if anyone is leaving or she's becoming a sixth full time meteorologist. I can't see them having 6 full time meteorologists and Mark McGinnis as the part time fill in. I can see Greg Dutra joining GMA weekend and Jaisol taking her spot and Mark McGinnis continue his part time fill in gig.
  20. Well deserved for Alex, but Patrick gets demoted once again. To go from weekday afternoon and main fill in evening anchor to midday/morning anchor to midday anchor to reporting in less than 2.5 years shows the lack of confidence the management has in him. I can totally see Patrick leaving this year. For a station to go from a very competitive station to almost surrendering with a white flag is sad. NBC 5 used to be a powerhouse station.
  21. I know I keep talking about him but bare with me. I don't know why I can't warm up to Greg Dutra. He seems like a nice guy and is chill, but I'm having a hard time watching him. I feel like I'm comparing him to Larry Mowry, Paul Deanno, Ginger Zee, etc. I want to like him, but I'm having a hard time. Speaking of Greg, on the 5pm they did sports first and then weather with Greg wearing a different tie than this morning. It seems like he went home and came back, but it wasn't planned and someone(not Cheryl Scott) bailed out last second.
  22. She's been really private since 2016 as her last ABC news and possibly public appearance was her contributing to Nancy Reagan's funeral. I've seen speculation that she's been dealing with Dementia or Alzheimer's for several years now. Tuesday's show will be dedicated to her I bet.
  23. What do you all think of Greg's beard? I think it's too much and looks unprofessional, especially on the 7pm newscast when he has no tie. He probably keeps it from going grey, but it's too much and he looks way better shaven or at least with less facial hair. Do you think Cheryl and/or Greg are going to go network with Rob Marciano not on GMA weekday and weekend anymore?
  24. Stefan would move to the 5pm and 6pm in addition to the 10pm he already has to line up with Allison. Patrick taking back the 4pm to line up with Marion. I think JC is fine in the mornings. As for Alex, I can see him going network as he is a great anchor and reporter. What I would like see is Kate Chappell reassigned to just reporting. Her anchoring is stale and she sounds like she's a robot and yet she is a weekend anchor and fill in weeknight anchor. I'm not sure if Paul Deanno is leaving or not as he hasn't made an announcement and only FTV live has mentioned it. If so, this is a huge loss for the station as he NBC 5's version of Larry Mowry.
  25. Rob is social distancing on his newscasts today with Karen. But Ravi and Diane(doing a special report on her husband) sat right next to Karen. If Rob is sick, shouldn't he be at home? Plus with Greg and Phil off this weekend, Mark McGinnis filled it on both nights with Tracy on Saturday morning and Larry on Sunday morning. Tracy and Larry also did taped weather hits for GMA and tossed to themselves like Greg did before which is funny. Now Cheryl Scott is filling in for Ginger Zee all week on GMA which is ironic since Cheryl replaced Ginger at NBC5.
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