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  1. Yeah I REALLY wish MMM would get rid of the news ticker, it provides zero value and is more of a distraction.
  2. It appears the MMM group has moved their logo (after years of it being on the left) to the right and also made the graphics boxes LARGER . Not sure if this is a pre-cursor to a larger change , but now the logo on the right side rotates between the logo, Channel3000.com, and News3Now. (Also can confirm WKBT has this look now as well)..but not a huge fan of this constant right box change and the much larger text box...the before was the correct size ...but just 1 opinion Before: After"
  3. WISC-TV is apparently undergoing some changes. Chief Meteorologist Gary Cannalte is retiring at the end of February after 33 Years. (Alex Harrington will take over as Chief Meteorologist in March) Noon and 4pm Anchor Mark Koehn is "retiring" after 46 years (last day is Jan 12th) ( special note that this was not entirely his decision based off his post and On-Air announcement) .
  4. I will tell you, the new open is MUCH better than the old tired 20 year old music they had before. Not sure why they didn't just flip to GrayONE at the same time.
  5. They had a small graphics refresh in 2016 when they moved into their new studio. But i know the music for their intros, teases, etc are even older than this. Logo wise, they have had the same since the early 2000's.
  6. I believe they run really close to each other. WISC I believe wins by a hair. WISC finally did get a new set 2 or so years ago and it was very much needed. Their graphics package I think was a small step back , but back to WMTV...I'll have to watch to see how they do their opens since NBC15 is embedded in their website, intros etc.
  7. This is a surprise ! I live in the Madison market and EVERYTHING they do is always "NBC 15 News". I agree though with the statements above, they haven't had any graphic refreshes in years! (WKOW still has the worst graphics IMO) ...but yeah this logo needs a HUGE refresh. I keep thinking with each sweep period coming, they will switch, but years keep coming and going and they still have the same package..same music..same blah...they def need a complete overhaul of music, graphics, logo..EVERYTHING lol .
  8. Chief Meteorologist at KSLA confirmed new graphics at 5pm.
  9. Meanwhile, WMTV in Madison still has the older GFX package ...not sure which version this was (is)..but it's been the same for several years now.
  10. Yeah I think its that and how the weather center seems a bit close. The Lowcountry Live portion of the set is so much cleaner...but I'll give them this, its different than WCSC and WCBD which is good. I think WCSC wins the set look for Charleston though.
  11. WCIV has launched their new set...not 100% sure how I feel about it....Its a remarkable improvement over their existing early 2000 set https://abcnews4.com/news/local/check-it-out-news-4-unveils-new-state-of-the-art-news-and-lifestyle-set-wednesday-april-26-2023-mt-pleasant-broadcast-station
  12. This is a vast improvement over previous opens. Still gotta inject the logo sucks though .
  13. I noticed WCSC's Weather Banners have changed to the GrayONE package. After seeing WCAX's, this is certainly going to be their best look yet. (As of noon today, the new look has not launched, will check at 4pm ET.
  14. I noticed a banner change for WCSC on Facebook....wonder if thats a hint at new GFX in the next day or so? Old: New:
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