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  1. They have launched at least a "preview" of the new set. Ill grab more photos from their livestream as I can. As of now, graphics remain the same (I'm wondering if this is a staggered launch to the 5pm show) They've been tightly shot so probably not to give it away...here's 2 screenshots.
  2. I am pretty sure its 4pm EST...but if its sooner Ill be posting ASAP.
  3. WMTV is one of those stations that is on the much older Gray graphics.
  4. February 13 is the debut of WCSC's new set and new Gray GFX package.
  5. Debut for new set and GFX package is set for Monday, 2/13
  6. WCIV? Wow! This is long overdue! This would make all 3 stations in Charleston receiving a new set in under a year (WCBD (Nexstar), WCSC (Gray) and now WCIV (Sinclair).
  7. I'm a big fan of his work! He did an excellent job with KIRO . I think the current issue with the Gray GFX is it feels way to flat. I know flat and clean is/was in..but some depth would help. If I had to take a guess of when WCSC will launch, I'm gonna guess right after the Super Bowl (even though they are a CBS Affiliate )
  8. Sometime in February but no specific date has been given.
  9. I'm hearing that Gray is releasing a new 2023 GFX Package. This is going to start with WCSC with their new set (which also appears to be "New" for the group.
  10. Now I'm curious what WCSC (Charleston) will see after the WLOX reveal. They are also a Gray station, but they have had more unique setups in the past.
  11. I will say I do like the look of this seamless BAM more than the endless row of monitors that many stations are doing. For some reason, the grid lines just bother me and look incredibly distracting especially for weather segments. I wish more stations would utilize this feature more...
  12. WLOX Debuts new set: https://www.wlox.com/video/2023/01/09/take-look-wloxs-new-set-with-our-anchors-meteorologists/ I feel like I'm probably stating this too much at this point, but no local feel to it again. Guess I should give up on thinking the big groups will ever hear this ..oh well.
  13. Small update: Studio is being dismantled for the new set in Feb
  14. WCSC (Gray-TV) in Charleston, SC is undergoing a set renovation a few months after WCBD (Nexstar) launched their new set. They have moved to a temporary set in the smaller studio (with the earlier back panels seen before their most recent refresh to Monitors behind the anchors. Expected timeline is 2 months.
  15. I've given up on any large companies going with a local feel...which is a shame cause some stations really did breathe that local feel until the big corps took over.
  16. I'm actually surprised at Sinclair, this set looks really good! It's a nice change compared to the previous versions of "Sinclair in a box". Now...if WCIV would get a refresh....but thats another topic
  17. WLOS in Asheville, NC (Sinclair) has been in temporary digs for the past few months. Expecting a new set debut sometime this month or next.
  18. I'm betting money it's a carbon of WCBD's set. Faux Shiplap and all. (Here's WCBD's new set as of Tuesday)
  19. I agree it's an upgrade over their previous set, not a fan of the dividers either..but overall it's cleaner than their previous look. I'm a bit more disappointed that it's generic...it doesn't have a Charleston flair (the shiplap is just no)...Charleston is absolute beautiful city but these generic sets are ruining the feel of the heart of the lowcountry. Not to shift away from this topic..but I want to point out that the "WORST" Set in that market is by far WCIV (Which has been using the same set for nearly 20 years) - Sinclair Also, I have to wonder if WCSC will get a new set in the near future after this, Gray did a refresh to the set about a year ago to change out the dura-trans to monitors and since they are #1 in the market..it makes sense for a new look for them at some point. I wouldn't be surprised if this happens in 2023.
  20. WCBD debuted it's new set at 4pm yesterday. A nice upgrade for them, but the wood reminds me of shiplap..not sure how I feel about that part.
  21. WKOW (Madison) : George Smith (Evening Anchor) is out at WKOW. WISC (Madison) : Dana Fulton ( Meteorologist) is leaving the station on Friday. WCSC (Charleston) : Lisa Weismann (Evening Anchor) last day is Friday.
  22. Well I'm pretty sure (unless Nexstar does something shocking) will get the set WMBB just launched. https://www.mypanhandle.com/news/local-news/news-13-reveals-new-studio/
  23. The one thing that seems to get lost in these sets is there is no local flare to them as they were taken over by larger companies. Charleston is a beautiful area and all 3 stations seem to have gone more generic over the years. WCIV being the worst looking ( their set is nearing 20 yrs old by now and looks terribly dated) . I'm curious to see what Nexstar has to offer, but I'm betting money WCSC is watching closely as they are nearing the end cycle of their current set.
  24. WCBD (News 2) in Charleston, SC has moved to a temporary set as a new set is installed. The last set to be installed was by Media General several years ago. Curious to see what Nexstar's vision is https://www.counton2.com/news/local-news/what-happened-to-news-2s-studio/?utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_source=facebook.com&fbclid=IwAR3XR5_Vxq0O9ciHYQPEOVKJCFSpcMF7R-2Z7u7wjF5EoTN6MQv5ImB0IWM Existing set which debuted in 2014: https://www.newscaststudio.com/setstudio/wcbd/
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