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  1. You do know that Universal Music broke away from Universal Pictures in 2004 when GE bought them so they’re actually not subsidiaries. Via Wikipedia NBC makes their own graphics packages in-house, as well as several other companies, so how would that be different than production music?
  2. As a Gen Z’er, here’s my take. I think the graphics are fine. Yeah they’re basic and bland, but when I watch the news, I don’t want the graphics to distract from the content. Having a fast paced 3D design is good for sports to hype up the viewers, so why do we need that for news? I don’t want to be amped up when I watch stuff about the latest robbery/murder/bakery that sells cupcakes for dogs. Plus, young people are obsessed with aesthetic. Just look at Instagram. A flashy 3D graphics package doesn’t fit with that. So, if you want to appeal to millennials, a flat package won’t guarantee it, but it’s less likely to turn them off. Sure the package isn’t perfect. I would want to bold some of the text to make it stand out, and some of the animations could be smoother, but again, it’s fine.
  3. Yeah. It aired live at 8pm on every commercial and public station in the whole state of Georgia, according to WSB. I wonder if other states would be willing to copy this format. Apparently according to FTV, Oklahoma had a televised statewide prayer session, but I'm not sure if that counts. I could see New York doing this, considering they have about half the cases in the US. Then again, I don't think the networks are keen on preempting an hour of primetime in the largest market with no ads, but maybe I'm just being cynical.
  4. Another programming note from Georgia. WSB produced a one hour town hall featuring the state's governor. All the stations in Atlanta teamed up to conduct interviews for the program. WSB talked with the governor first, WAGA spoke with a medical expert, WXIA had Atlanta's mayor, and WGCL interviewed the state's emergency management director. Univision's O&O and Georgia Public Broadcasting also participated. Near the end of the special, each interviewer asked the governor one question. The town hall was simulcast across the state on all commercial and public stations.
  5. Here in Savannah, they’re not even bothering with spacing anchors all over the set. All 3 stations only have 1 news anchor per newscast. The only exception is WTOC’s local talk show Morning Break, which had 2 hosts at the main desk and one at a stand up area. As for expanding newscasts, WTOC has expanded their existing half-hour 4pm news to a full hour, bumping Right This Minute to 1:30am. Further down Chatham Parkway, WJCL is not adding any news to their schedule. WSAV is following WNBC’s lead and they are live from 11pm-midnight. Unfortunately, their advertorial at 11:30am is still in place. They already have midday news at 11a, so they should expand it to a full hour. Also, yesterday SAV rebroadcast last year’s St Pattys Day Parade since this year’s was cancelled for obvious reasons. I guess they didn’t want to give refunds to advertisers or something.
  6. We now know who she’s working for. She’ll be on WAGA’s 11:00 news and their new 4:30pm program. Oddly enough, the show will premiere on March 30, one week after Georgia’s presidential primary on the 24th. https://www.ajc.com/blog/radiotvtalk/fox-atlanta-adding-newscast-with-new-anchor-christine-sperow/16XlYK3MohLg0gaf8jS7NK/
  7. Today with Hoda and Jenna will have a studio audience on Thursdays and Fridays starting next month. ”Hoda and Jenna and Friends” will be using Megyn Kelly’s old set. https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/hoda-jenna-today-live-studio-audience-1203469025/
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