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  1. The pointless gloss that doesn’t emphasize anything, lens flares on top banners, and everything flying in/up/around This game can be played with any decorative element, and for the same reason your neighbor covers their house with Christmas lights, it’s there to draw attention. imo the graphics should complement the story, not distract from it, but the consultants often don’t seem to think so
  2. The Variety article linked above says it’ll debut on the 19th
  3. I’m aware that Philo has an unlimited DVR and recordings last a year. Still, personally for me, Comcast’s 20 hour capacity is not enough. I tend to procrastinate and I record a lot of shows, so by the time I get around to watching it, it’ll probably be gone with a 20 hour DVR. I don’t have to worry about that with Philo, but that’s just me
  4. Sounds like a similar lineup as Philo, except with The Weather Channel instead of AccuWeather and a pitiful 20 hour DVR instead of a 1 year DVR
  5. And the other channels have long operated merch stores. Non-story, even if Scott Jones says so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ https://msnbcstore.com/ https://store.cnn.com/ https://shop.foxnews.com/
  6. I recorded a clip from their stream It’s the same production track WJZ used right before their switch RPReplay_Final1684378934.mov
  7. I really hope those aren’t the final draft of the graphics. They should stop condensing the font to illegible levels, especially if they’re still going to use long, descriptive headlines. Plus, I hope they found a better place for their incessant promo boxes instead of just sitting on the top of the lower thirds. If they didn’t change that, it’ll be the same cluttered mess the current graphics are.
  8. Might as well. It already streams free everywhere and would be an easy switch for the 2½ people who watched LX. Then again, NBC may not like News Daily to air on a non-NBC station, but whatever
  9. I really don’t understand why no one else uses the cuts KPIX uses. This one could slot in for that Enforcer headline bed
  10. They all air “CBS News Now,” which has used the new graphics since its launch in July.
  11. TVNT: hates when big corporations suck out the local personalities of their stations with standardization Also TVNT: hates when big corporations allow their stations to keep their local personalities by making it fit with standardization Make it make sense Anyway, the site which we apparently cannot name for slightly petty reasons has actual quotes by actual decision makers.
  12. NextTV asked about the “22 liberal news channels” that Newsmax claims are still funded by DirecTV. They include uber-liberal bastions like NewsNation and The Weather Channel, plenty of general-purpose channels which have one or two news programs, and a few that literally have no news. I can’t with these people. https://www.nexttv.com/news/newsmax-ids-its-list-of-americas-23-liberal-news-networks-topped-by-abc-cbs-nbc-cnn-and-the-weather-channel
  13. When Nexstar et al. pulls their channels, no one bats an eye. When an endless conjecture channel gets pulled, it’s the worst affront to democracy and deserves congressional hearings. Puh-lease. If they really were silencing voices, they would’ve blocked AT&T internet customers from accessing Newsmax’s website. Outrage for the sake of outrage
  14. It’s real. Although they aren’t using them for news (at least not yet), they are using the show promo and ID seen in the demo video.
  15. Sounds like a reheated version of The Soup, which was one of my favorite shows so it sounds interesting
  16. Sports Illustrated reports it’s very likely to be announced soon https://www.si.com/golf/news/liv-golf-on-verge-of-announcing-tv-deal-with-cw-network
  17. Yep, just about every Nexstar station now runs their stream on a 2 hour delay. As of this very late night post, KTLA still appears to be live, but it probably won’t last long.
  18. I was literally just thinking this. There are plenty of CBS 2’s across the country, but only one KCAL and CBS Los Angeles. I don’t know how much more unique and local you can get than that.
  19. I hope they don’t dignify it with a response. Ultimately, this is another example of our society’s obsession with learning intimate details about strangers. Plus, if the viewers want romance drama, they can keep the TV on until General Hospital
  20. FWIW, he denied it on air https://www.mediaite.com/tv/nothing-in-the-piece-is-true-chris-cuomo-and-dan-abrams-mock-ny-post-report-on-newsnation-drama/
  21. These are all non-profits, so they are much more willing to make it public domain. Nexstar, on the other hand, wants to line their pockets with money because capitalism. Just how it works . Also, we have this magical thing called the internet, making it available for anyone with a connection to watch.
  22. This article from the Cincinnati Enquirer says the debate aired on WSTR, which means they shared with Sinclair, which in turn means they didn’t keep it to themselves. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/politics/2022/10/10/j-d-vance-tim-ryan-how-to-watch-u-s-senate-debate-tonight/69553404007/
  23. For the upcoming Georgia senate debate, they partnered with Sinclair and WAGA to fill in some gaps. I wonder if they had a similar agreement in Ohio. https://www.nexstar.tv/nexstar-to-broadcast-debate-for-us-senator-from-georgia-on-oct-14/
  24. https://www.mediaite.com/daily-ratings/cable-news-ratings-wednesday-september-28-cnn-jumps-into-second-place-fox-news-dominates-ratings-during-hurricane-ian/ Lower than their Blue Bloods reruns and behind Newsmax in every time slot.
  25. Does size really matter when it comes to news desks?
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