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  1. And I believed right. There was a theme to all this. According to Sports Video Group, the graphics package was designed to deliver "a punchier presence that leans into the pomp and circumstance of on-campus game days." And yes, there will also be minor tweaks to the graphics as the season goes by. I'm hoping one of them regards the team names directly below the logos. After all, what good are they if you can't read them and the font makes it no easier to do so?
  2. Here's more of the new college football scorebug, including the indicator of how many points a team has scored in a play (+6, +3, etc.), and the specific penalty a team will have committed. The more I study this, the more I become inclined to believe that the graphics were designed with a sticker theme in mind, which explains the tilted logos, tilted placement of the exact penalty committed (complete with exclamation warning marks, as if the black and yellow wasn't enough to let you know already), and even the slightly tilted bar containing the quarter, time, and down and distance. They've well and truly accomplished the style, but where's the readability, especially in the team names below the logos (not helped by them also being handwritten and sometimes in colors that clash with each other)?
  3. To which I offer up this: https://www.thedailybeast.com/house-oversight-chair-james-comer-promises-newsmax-hell-investigate-directv Again, theatrics when it's not needed. They did it because they got viewers angry enough to get the government (or one side of it, to be exact) involved. Now, they're threatening to investigate DirecTV for "censoring" Newsmax. Do I dare repeat myself once more on the reality of the situation? I feel like with each passing day that this drags on, I feel more and more of an urge to belt out, "Just give it a rest!" Two days of this was enough. That's all.
  4. Speaking of culture wars, guess what Newsmax also did? They set up a website called IWantNewsmax.com (I'm not linking this). Here's what they want disgruntled DirecTV subscribers to do: They want them to call DirecTV and demand that Newsmax be brought back, or else they'll drop DirecTV. They want them to call their senators and representatives and stop the - ahem - "political censorship." They want them to go to said website and sign a petition saying that they fully back Newsmax. I talked about this in The News Center server. It's nothing but theatrics. Carriage disputes like this are the inner workings of business. Channels don't come cheap. Carriers have to negotiate on a deal for every channel. This is why you've been seeing regional sports networks drop like flies in the late 2010s. And "political censorship?" That's a bit rich considering DirecTV replaced Newsmax in the interim with The First, which is markedly similar to Newsmax in terms of content. DirecTV really wanted to continue carrying Newsmax. Newsmax wanted DirecTV to pay them for their position on the program guide, since their ratings are declining. The contract was allowed to expire instead. Another thing: If you connect the dots and look at how OAN reacted to also being dropped by DirecTV and eventually being dropped by Verizon (both from last year), you'll begin to notice that all they like to talk about is how the opposition are a bunch of losers, crybabies, etc. for doing what they did. Nowhere in their complaints do they state that they've simply been dropped -- they substitute the word for either "cancelled" or "censored." Both urged people to "join the fight" and call government officials in urging the providers responsible to reconsider. Guess what happened? OAN's efforts were ultimately fruitless, and if memory serves me right, Newsmax's effort will also come up short, simply because they failed to realize that the act of providers dropping channels is all part of business.
  5. Inaccuracy at its finest... The Weather Channel is listed as an "uber-liberal bastion," according to Newsmax. To quote JaguarGator9, "I'm sorry, what?!" I'm pretty sure last I watched The Weather Channel, they have no politics whatsoever. Actually, they never had politics to start with. It's self-titled for a reason, despite the entertainment programming in primetime and for much of the weekend. I'm actually surprised they put Comedy Central (they call it "Comedy Channel") as a liberal news network, considering how far away from the definition this channel really is, with the only programs that fit their description being "The Daily Show" and "Tooning Out the News." The only thing that would've been the cherry on top is if they somehow watched Scripps News and managed to list that as "liberal..." I don't want to be the type of person to say this, but Newsmax is really being unreasonable here. Carriage disputes like this happen more times than they think. It doesn't help that streaming is helping put cable and satellite on the brink of extinction. It's a matter of survival now. It's ironic Newsmax is angry that DirecTV "cancelled" them, because as pointed out earlier, they're about to "cancel" themselves out of a free streaming option, leaving viewers with less options to watch Newsmax. If their goal is to make viewers angry, mission accomplished, but really?
  6. And because it worked so well for OAN last time... Newsmax is urging people to "join the fight." This is from Newsmax's website: The title in question? "They're Coming for NEWSMAX, Are You Next?" The writer of this article even went as far as to include the First Amendment, word-for-word. I kid you not. I wish I could say "this is drama for the sake of it," but I'm going to be nice here. No one's coming for anyone. It involves carriage fees. DirecTV wanted to continue carrying Newsmax, something that appears to be lost to the fine folks there. Now that they've been displaced on DirecTV in favor of The First (another right-wing channel)...
  7. Reviving this topic from the dead because DirecTV has officially dropped Newsmax as of yesterday. It did so because of a dispute over carrier fees. Naturally, Newsmax went and did the same thing as OAN when Verizon dropped them, calling it an act of political censorship and bias, never mind that DirecTV included in their statement that they wanted to "continue to offer the network." Oh, and Newsmax said they're getting "cancelled." Yeah. https://www.cnn.com/2023/01/26/media/directv-drops-newsmax/index.html
  8. MTV Live also hasn't strayed from MTV's original purpose, except it also shows music-related programming in addition to a constant cycle of music videos, so there's a bit of variety, at least. After all, aside from FAST channels like Vevo Music, a traditional channel devoted to music videos only wouldn't fare too well nowadays, and that's what's causing MTV Classic to perform so poorly. But that's beside the point. What mrschimpf said is right. Nowadays, it's the norm to put on whatever programming you could and call it a day. No care. No variety. Nothing. Diginets are showing cable how it's done, and that should be the wake-up call for television itself. Forget the rerun farms. How about the channels basically running on autopilot? How many people would want to watch Science Channel anymore besides "How It's Made?" Exactly. And how about speeding up any pre-2014 program to the point that they're PAL-pitched? Yes, it's syndication, and yes, you have to attract those advertisers, but at the cost of just trying to watch the show normally? Paramount Global is the only company I know that is a huge offender of such a practice. Ever wondered why the "Everybody Loves Raymond" episodes sound a bit off on TV Land? This is why.
  9. Uh-huh... They picked a really good time to do this, didn't they? A powerful winter storm is pummeling California, and we have to take a break from this coverage to take a group selfie? Of all the days, this is the one they pick? Look, I'm all for letting them have their fun, but please, any other day but a "Storm Alert" day. Same goes for the promos they shot in Studio W.
  10. Okay, so the website, app, and Twitter account have all been updated to reflect the change from Newsy to Scripps News.
  11. They're that proud of their brief "win," huh? Funny how that works.
  12. I think the block that used to be "The '90s Are All That" which eventually became NickRewind was the only reason TeenNick existed in the first place. It was the saving grace for the channel when everything else around it just screamed "A channel that exists only for filler." Even NickRewind succumbed to decay in its final year or so, to the point that the block - which was what got me interested in the '90s and the '80s in the first place - was a sad shell of its former self. Now, TeenNick is the home of "Henry Danger" and "AFV" reruns. Sad, but not surprising, considering MTV has basically inserted itself into a pattern of show "Ridiculousness" almost entirely on loop when nothing new is on, pretend to care when a new episode of a show other than "Ridiculousness" is on, and repeat. No music-related programming at all. This is what television as we know it has come to. Back in the day, you'd have a wide variety of programming to choose from on a wide variety of channels. Now, it's reruns, reruns, reruns. It's crass and exploitative shows posing as inside looks at child pageants or dance teams. It's actively spitting in the faces of viewers who long for the days gone by and showing no remorse for it. It's true crime dramas when there are already too many of them to go around. (Apparently, we haven't learned our lesson with oversaturation, which is what caused The Great Video Game Crash of 1983.) Channels have lost their plot altogether. No care or thought is put into making a good programming lineup anymore. And somehow, TCM remains the shining example of a channel that actually cares about its viewers in the modern age (a trait that has become all but extinct now). Rewind TV, Antenna TV, and MeTV don't count, since they are diginets, but they also show more care than just about the entirety of cable barring live sports.
  13. And this is where I present to you this: https://newsblues.com/2022/07/15/source-megyn-kelly-not-going-to-newsnation/ Megyn Kelly has decided that she will not be joining NewsNation. The date of the article linked is July 15, 2022. Again, would've been mentioned sooner, but because NewsNation is the embodiment of irrelevance...
  14. NewsNation: The 28-3 of News. (You know what 28-3 stands for if you've watched Super Bowl LI.)
  15. As expected... dead last among all the competition in the demo. And for added paltriness, here's how it looks like in the demo... "Eric Bolling: The Balance" on Newsmax - 16,000 viewers in the 25-54 demo "CUOMO" on NewsNation - 8,000 viewers in the 25-54 demo ...and when it comes to total viewership: "Eric Bolling: The Balance" on Newsmax - 151,000 total viewers "CUOMO" on NewsNation - 147,000 total viewers "The Balance" outranked the "CUOMO" premiere in the demo, and it outranked the "CUOMO" premiere in overall viewership. https://www.forbes.com/sites/markjoyella/2022/10/04/chris-cuomos-return-to-prime-time-lands-in-last-place-at-8pm/?sh=2f5d85a03d95 Not a good start so far for Cuomo on NewsNation. Then again, what do you expect? It is NewsNation, after all.
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