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  1. I must say... with Shepherd Smith now off CNBC, perhaps he'd get a call?
  2. These days, Lima has in-market affiliates for all four major networks, but a brief search of Lima's Charter Spectrum TV listings suggests that they retain CBS from Columbus, OH and ABC from Toledo, OH. https://www.tvtv.us/oh/lima/luUSA-OH34468-X Parkersburg has NBC, CBS, and FOX; Optimum imports ABC from Columbus, OH and Charleston, WV in addition to importing NBC from Charleston, WV. https://tvtv.us/wv/parkersburg/luUSA-WV47500-X
  3. As long as Zanesville doesn’t get its own ABC affiliate I think they’ll be OK.
  4. I live in Monterey, CA (AKA close enough to listen to the KGO signal) and I have also heard Westwood One's NFL coverage on 810 AM.
  5. I get why you'd think individual stations would want the 10 PM hour for their newscasts, but if (say) Sinclair or Tegna come down and put a program in that timeslot, they're not going to have that much of a choice. Perhaps the station-group produced programming could solve that issue with duopoly stations, where (hypothetically) the 10 PM newscast stays on FOX while the new program airs on the NBC affiliate. All else fails, split it half-and-half.
  6. In the Monterey-Salinas market, KSBW reporter Phil Gomez has retired after 25 years at the station. https://www.ksbw.com/article/ksbw-reporter-phil-gomez-retires-after-25-years/41535354
  7. This is a big one... not the least because it's the largest provider that I've seen drop ESPN. This weekend is going to be fun... Morgan Wick, who writes about sports media on Twitter and a blog, has a Twitter thread about this dispute: I think his last tweet hits the mark here:
  8. The radar is located at their transmitter site in Babcock Ranch, and considering that they are broadcasting from there for the time being, and from what I've seen are putting out a signal over the air, I'm cautiously optimistic about how the radar fared during the storm.
  9. Judging from WINK's archived live stream on Facebook, the video you posted does appear to end the moment WINK lost the ability to broadcast. The WINK article on the recovery says that they are at their transmitter in Babcock Ranch. https://www.winknews.com/2022/09/28/wink-news-off-air-due-to-hurricane-ian/
  10. One of the major issues with this market is that the NWS radars are quite far away, so low level features could be missed. For the Fort Myers-Cape Coral area, the closest NWS radars are the one in Ruskin (near Tampa) which is around 80 miles away, and Miami which is around 120 miles away. For this area, having those in-house radars are a huge benefit, especially for tornado warnings.
  11. Video from WINK's Chief Meteorologist, showing water in the studios and newsroom. https://www.facebook.com/MattDevittWeather/videos/421190560165246/
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