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  1. New KOVR logo seen on staff laptop. Also, Good Day black box?
  2. I've seen this graphic so many times I- Also, what do they count as "other"?
  3. Whoops, I accidentally checked WJZ on my list. Side not: I wonder if they'll get to keep the 13.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but with WCCO rebranding, that only leaves 2 stations left: WBBM and KOVR.
  5. What's his sources?
  6. Update: I was able to get a photo of it just now.
  7. The CBS eye and '13'.
  8. I was unable to get a picture of it, but I saw KOVR using a new boxed logo for a promo for Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies: Behind the Scenes for Saturday Night.
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