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  1. Loving KABC-TV (ABC7 Los Angeles’) New AccuWeather graphics, long overdue! Feels nice, fresh and soooooo modern and the palm trees! I’m as happy as Dallas Raines, it IS like looking outside the window!
  2. THIS JUST IN: WPVI (6abc Philadelphia) has officially SWITCHED and it looks GREAT!!
  3. Wow, looks cool! To me honestly, it looks better than I even imagined it! Getting excited for the full look any day now basically!
  4. I know they are, I’m not dumb, what I was really mentioning were these, NOW they look identical.
  5. Looks really identical to me, now I can’t spot Chicago and New York’s ABC7 logo differences.
  6. KGO ABC7 News has made the switch! Looking nice and liking the old pre COVID pandemic theme too! RPReplay_Final1706815857.mov
  7. Looks cool; looking forward to the other three upgrades, particularly in Philadelphia, very anticipated to see how that one will turn out! Also (unrelated) cool to have a newscast being on the radio, wishing NY could do the same.
  8. I’d assume so, I have the screen grabs for the First @ 4 newscast talent intro!
  9. Aw, well, I know the new Disney/ABC/ESPN campus is going to look great and out of the park but I’ll also miss the street studio, never had a chance to visit. As for the new graphics, I’m glad the talents are back, makes it more distinct from their other stations!
  10. Surprise! Talent opens for ABC7 New York have debuted tonight with the 5p show! my screen grabs to prove it and hopefully someone will get those videos real soon! Looking sleek and fancy nevertheless!
  11. Agreed! The ABC7 LA and Bay Area’s current looks aren’t too bad either and happy that my flagship station here in NY can look and feel like the #1 station at last! I got some dayside captures of the new graphics! RPReplay_Final1705237193.mov
  12. Loving ABC7 New York’s new graphics….AT LAST! Feeling sad about CVD’s voice though, I know he’s up there in age and all but I know it’s not the same and they may replace him with someone else, what a long run since at least the 90s! Here’s my own captures!
  13. Yes they have, after a year and nearly a half after launching their First Alert Weather graphics and nearly a couple of months for First Alert Traffic. how it looks and sounds like: RPReplay_Final1702406448.mp4
  14. *coughing* Ahem, looks like for WTVD (ABC11 Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville, NC) things POTENTIALLY MIGHT be happening tomorrow (Tuesday 12/12 at 12 NOON). Just a heads up via anchor Lauren Johnson.
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