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Noticiero Univisión to get new set


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Noticiero Univisión is getting a new set for its newscasts, and for its other Noticias Univision programs Univision President of News Daniel Cornell Announced on Instagram. This set had a good history first debuted in 2012, then 2013 they updated the set for Ynivision rebranded new logo, then later that year when Univision's news department moved out of Doral facilites into Newsport, they packed the set into that building 4 studio outlets. Then 2014-2015 there was a weird nearly seven month period where they took the news desk and moved it into the newsroom and started broadcasting there it give me 90s vibes almost. Then in 2015 the same day Obama opened Cuba Embassy in Washington they unveiled the new updated set, which was copy of bare bones of the old set. Now 2021 is gone and so is this this set. 


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