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KRCA 62 Lays off Staff, no more local news


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Per the trade publication Media Moves, Spanish-language Estrella TV'S O&O KRCA channel 62, has laid off its entire news department and will instead have México-based Multimedios produced newscasts. Estrella had also closed down their Dallas hub previously. 




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More work for Multimedios/Milenio for the LA area; they already produce and broadcast some shows on KWHY, so now technically in the news sense, they've got a duopoly.


There is just no more room in the market for the no-effort Spanish networks that have clogged cable dials when you've got much better Spanish product from Latin America, the Philippines and Spain coming in and much easier to access on English services (along with one-button English caption access for those who speak both), and a desperate need for news services that aren't just 'let's recap the car accidents and murders that happened today'. Spanish speakers deserve much better than the American networks are giving them.

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